Last Stand (Open Rp)

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This is an Open Rp, feel free to join at any time so long as you can fit...

You can choose to be terran, zerg, or protoss. As terran you can be pretty much any type of soldier you want to be, Combat Engineer, Sniper, Pilot, Or just a guy with a gun, all up to you. Zerg and Protoss are slightly more limited.
Follow basic procedure when joining:

A small terran base has found itself under siege from both Zerg and Protoss forces, the Zerg Hive is buried underground in treacherous caverns, The Protoss have an encampment on the side of a mountain, the majority of their forces made up of Zealots, Stalkers, and Immortals.
The Terrans have an installation built to withstand a blast from a Yamato Cannon, but not too much of a crew to boast.
Name: Robert Veloso
Class: Sniper
Weapon: C-8 Canister Rifle (not sure if i got it right)

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