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"Alright, pry the door open, the one that says caution."
OOC: Btw guys, I'll be here for awhile so just stay in this thread refreshing it so we can continue rp tingy.
"Artanis damn't!" The dark templar bursts out of his tube and walks over too the door.

"Terrans... Fellow tube partner." The naked protoss puts out his hand to shake with the changeling.
OOC: KK, if this rp is good and we keep it alive it could live to have a part 2..
"Well, lets see... the protoss are helping us.. so we will continue on with the mission, as for you *Points at the changeling* help us along the way, and we will help you get out of here."
I shake hands with the Protoss.

"So! What did they do to you in those tubes? They gave me immortality and free-will! Also, My full name is Anderung, but you may call me Andy."

I bow.

I look at the other Marine.
"Eh, I really have nothing better to do, so I guess I'll help you! Lead the way to the door, I'll take care of it!"
A zergling jumps on me, and I flail as it starts to lick me. Then it growls at everyone else.
"Hahaha! It tickles!"

OOC: Anderung is German for "Change" which makes sense for my Character.
"Zagur'agao, but my friends call me Jack... They cut open my neck and gave me vocal cords and this thing they call a mouth..." He rips off some of the tubes on his body and makes a small rag for himself out of a cloth napkin on a table.
"You'll find that mouths are fun! HAAAAAAHAAAAA! Oh Kerrigan this tongue is really tickling me! Oh crap! get him off me! Hehehe. Thanks Jack."
Jack pushed the Zergling off me, it pounced on him and started licking him too. I notice that some parts on my body, Jack's body, and the Zergling are Yellow. Odd.

"Hey Jack, I just realized something that we have in common with this Zergling, and with each other."
"Yes, we're all alive... Now do something productive." Jack looks stenrly and kicks the Caution door.
OOC: Brb, my guy will just follow you and not talk much.
"No, not that Terran, we are all yellow in some way or another."
I motion to the large middle stripe on the Zergling, my translucent spots, and the Dark templar's Eyes, which while I think about it, sounds odd because he can't see himself.
After I see his confusion, I morph into an exact duplicate of him, mimicing his voice perfectly.

"This is what you look like, even with the eyes."
Jack scratches his head. "Umm... okay."

"WaAaAaAaAaGH!" Fry screams as you change.
I change back.
"What's your problem? It's basically like putting on different clothes. Are you THAT innocent?"
Fry goes near the Zergling. It growls at him.
"It might listen to me. Hello. These guys are OK, no need to be mean, k?"
Fry goes near it again, it starts panting like a dog, and curls up next to him.
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Fry sits by the creature and pets it on the head.

When you turn back the door is blasted open. "Good job, eh." Jack laughs slightly and walks in. He flicks the light switch.
You all look up and see a gigantic caged brutalisk still alive. It wretches toward Jack but he jumps back. It lets out a roar shaking the entire ship.
OOC: Yeah, as long as we post, we'll be on the front page for a long time.
I mean, look at "the Crash" we are on Part 4 and we've been on the front page the entire time!
OOC: Yeah, as long as we post, we'll be on the front page for a long time.
I mean, look at "the Crash" we are on Part 4 and we've been on the front page the entire time!
I thought this was a crashed ship! also It had to be a big bay to hold a Brutalisk!

And whoever said that we were on the outermost levels of the ship? We could have just broken the floor of a hall several stories up!

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