The Crash (Part 4)

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YAY 4 parts.

I have nothing, carry on.
"Now we find this mad man and rid the universe of him."
"Sounds like a merry adventure indeed. You will get yourselves killed."

The High Templar floats in, followed by the child.

Child: "I agree with the Templar. "
I'll help Flup with the bad guys (through the Clones) and we'll get both sides of the Story...

Our master sent us out again. Another Templar was in the caverns. He also had with him a chile, one that had more psionic potential than the Counselor. Interesting. We reappear outside the labs. Unbeknowest to the group we were just with, the labs stretched miles underground. Every other lab held different specimens, the lower the group got, the more and more horrific and disgusting the experiments got. Then, at the furthest level of these catacombs, a small room laid, and it's only denizen being the Doctor, hunched over his monitor, controlling everything going on in this hideout.
We meet up with some of the Doctor's guards, genetically altered marines. They were some of his earlier experiments, when he was limited to mere artificial psionics, and eye implants. They seemed shocked to see us, as we fill the exact descriptions of the escaped test subjects, but they then realize that we are the Clones of the Subjects.

They Salute us.

I smile and lead them to the Labs. We need to be stealthy lest the originals figure out that we are back.
"We require a plan of action if we are too do this."

Why are they all standing around? There is stuff to be done.
OOC: The protoss all have shields to protect from that remember.
I look over some reports that weren't good. I look at the Deckmaster after reading the news.
"Send troops in that mountain. I don't any experiments on us while dealing with this, and get any potential ally out of there. Great timing for you to die, Counts......"
"Sending a team in. We're having everyone putting up defences too."
"Make the ship fire at any Zerg that even moves. They must not touch the core."
"This is going to be hold-out, isn't it? We really can't do anything until the Zerg stop sending troops."
"I know. So, I want every siege tank ready and have our fighters provide support. This.... this is going to be a long day......"
I start walking off to the hanger when the Deckmaster stops me.
"You're going with the team?"
"Ya, I still have something to take care of."
I start walking to the hanger again, second time that I'm going to enter that bloody cave.
Naits, can you do an IC of the Doctor? We haven't heard anything from him lately.

*Sigh* The threads are so slow on the weekends...
"Well templar what do you have in mind?"


The Doc paces in the room, thinking about the problem. He did not expect this, Zerg attacking the temple. This would cause chance of damage, which would cause him back to square one. He could send some of his guards, but that would reveal his plans if the crew saw them. The clones aren't an option either, the originals are enemies of the rebels. Maybe if he.......... The alarm goes off. Another dropship? And scan shielded too. There's some weapon on board to foil his plans. And with that little group already in his cave, this makes it even more annoying. He slams his fist in frustration, there's too many problems. Too many thorns in his side. Annoying flies in his way. He looks to a guard that entered the room, then he grinned. Not anymore.............. The guards will kill them for him.
Wfawwer! Where are you!!?

We wait in the labs, and I feel the Clones coming around us. They came back for something. But what was it....

The Child!
It would make sense that the Child would be sought after. I realized that my psionic power was drawn to it. The Templar's power eminated from him. So. I suppose that all of the Templar's power wasn't mine. Hmm, I may be able to trick the Child into giving me his DNA.

I notice that Jennifer seems to be awkwardly moving and shifting her new arm. I smile, it would take a while for her to get used to that.

She's cute when she's confused.

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