The Crash (Part 4)

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"I already have an escort. Thank you."

It is so confusing. Ever since I talked to the counselor I can feel more thoughts. Not just the Kala protoss, but the terrans and even a bit of the zergs.
The changelings thoughts scare me the most. I do not understand them totally, but see myself in plans.

The Templar senses my worry and sends a calming thought to me.
Worry not. I am here.

I am reminded of a terran saying:

"With friends like these, who needs enemies?"
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Name: Calvin Morse
Rank: Corporal
Class: Marine, Combat Engineer
Weapons: Guass rifle, tool kit, blowtorch, combat knife

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I sense the Child looking through our thoughts, then sense his fear when he finds mine. I could have hidden them, but I wanted him to read me. I still hid the fine details of my transcendence from him, but left him enough information for him to ponder my true goals.

All I need is but a prick away. Transcendence is approaching very quickly.

I approach the Child and the Templar.
"Please forgive me for my actions on the Hercules regarding the Dark Templar. By the Way, how is he?"
(Everyone forgot that he was basically thrown in the Pheonix's trunk lol)
While the Templar and I discuss the events that occured after we parted, I scan the Child's mind. As I thought, the Counselor HAD spoken to the child, as well as given him most of his powers. The final piece of my genetic puzzle was right in front of me!

The child's shock can probably be felt by every protoss in the room. He has never been... searched so rudely... or so harshly. (Power does not equal skill)

(Overprotective of children rember)
There is a loud bang and a flash of light. The changling hits the far wall as goo. It must have shielded itself psionicly. It has learned.
Startled and knock over by the blast, I pick myself up expecting to be attacked only to find the templar about to kill the changeling. I was certain that I should not interfere.
What in Terra is happening.
"The Child feared me, I wondered why... Now, if you wish to kill me, try your best."
I flash the Templar a smile. I remove myself from the hole in the cavern wall. I brush some dust off my shoulder. The Templar is seething with rage.
With a snap the Templar also flies into a wall, opposite of the one I flew into.
As he crawls back out, he looks around, trying to see me. I appear from the shadows next to him.
"I am just as powerful, if not more, than you physically and psionicly. I would have told you all my plans if you merely asked, but you... Overreacted, as the Terrans say it."
I disappear and reappear back on the other side of the room.

"Now, do you still want to fight me, knowing well that I could easily kill you?"
Looks like the changeling has really altered a lot. He did mention that I helped him in a way. Was it the fact my genes were spliced with that of protoss. Before I could finish my thoughts I see several marines enter the chamber. They don't look real friendly either.
"Hey you two, you can fight later. Right now we got company and looks like they are ready for a fight"
"Maintain radio silence. Objective is near, don't fire until detected."
I turn off my radio, the cave darkness bringing cool winds. I bring up my hand, telling my men to stop.
We see some marines pass by, heading towards on direction. I saw that they had silenced weapons, must be trying to ambush someone else. I wait until they pass, and turn my head to the squad.
"Observer status?"
One of the men spoke up, Data-Pad in his hands.
"It's fine, but the changeling went hostile to the Templar. Guards closing in to there position."
I look at some of them, and signaled them to provide assist if it got to nasty. They started to get up, but I stop them.
"Not until those two get over-runned."
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twisted AI that controls all the security in the compound.

Let's put our differences aside, for science. You monster.
11/15/2011 01:33 PMPosted by Fluppuple

Let's put our differences aside, for science. You monster.

??? is this a GlaDos reference???


I'm still in the wall.

I feel myself slam against the wall... again... I get back out, with the Templar, and see several Terrans with some sort of shielding. I look at the Templar, and we decide to fight. I begin to cackle again, and the Terrans calmly back away, after they leave, a wall comes down and seals the lab. We notice there is but one way out.

"I guess we have to trust each other in this fine mess we're in... So, I guess it can't hurt to tell you what I was after with the Child..."
I let him take in what I am about to say, then continue.

"The Counselor gave his power to the Child, because he knew he was going to die soon. I, have been holding a grudge against him ever since we met. After I first Infested the Medic's friend Ashley, and then another Terran, I found that I have the Ability to extract DNA, and with that, certain abilities. The Second Terran gave me the ability to pilot various Terran Vehicles. I realized that with my existing knowledge of Genetic Manipulation, I could potentially create hybrids, not of just Zerg and Protoss, or Zerg and Terran DNA, but of all three races. By combining their powers, I am a new being, not just a Zerg, a Terran, or even a Protoss, I am a Transcendent. The Child holds the last bit of DNA that I need to create the perfect serum, which I could administer to everyone else whom I trust."

"Not only would those injected have psionic powers that rival the Counselor's original, but they would have the Adaptability of the Zerg, and the hardiness and total free will of the Terrans. That is what I'm striving for, a New race to bring balance to this war-torn sector. One that every sentient in this sector can relate to."
"The one to finally bring peace."

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