The Crash (Part 4)

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*Assimilates Nukester*

"There. The threat is eliminated."
*Cough Cough*
"Well perhaps you are correct."

Child: "What?"
Discord: "Not you. The Templar is on Aiur's Kitchen."
Child: "How did he get there?"
Discord: (-.-) "... I just asked that..."
"Tell him I said hi."
"Do you have any samples of Papa beast? I'm not exactly sure what will kill him, animals usually aren't explosive..."
"Could he have warped on to Auir's Kitchen or boarded the medevac that I took to get here?"

I resume testing my walker for any signs of error in my work.
"Who knows. By the way. HI JOHN!"
I turn to Troy.
"Is there any clear vantage point from where I can assist your troops?"
Hi Andy. Your mind feels different like there are 3 in one. What happened?
Well... There are... Long story...
Oh, is this the guy who was in the walker I trashed..?
Wait what? What about a walker?
Although, long story short, The clone and I fought, we both almost killed each other-
-fun times!
er, yeah. Well, subconsciously we somehow merged our bodies. A new mind was created.
That's me!
Shut up newbie. Anyway, we now have supercharged psionic energy inside us, somewhat like a Protoss Archon. The clone, is now free of Van's control. He's hopefully sorry for screwing up your walker...
You. Are a @!%*. Anyway, we are currently trying to find an Artifact to create even more DNA strands. We need to find several Keys for it, one of which is inside the Papa Beast, remember the beast on the Hercules? That was this one's B*tch. Anyway, once we can create new strands, we will create a better form of the Serum I injected you with. See ya around John.
OOC: what templar?
IC: "See that bunker behind that tank? We have samples inside of there."
I look at the battlefield.
"The best point is right here. You can charge if you want. But, avoid being absorbed."
OOC: I would guess the child care taker.

IC: Well not matter Andy my walker is just about fixed and is in better condition than before the clones damage. As for papa beast we are going to need a plan.
Isn't that the truth.
My arm elongates until there are several barrels sprouting from it. Sleek slivers of bone rain down on the Zerg.
OOC: there's only Papa Beast, and he's not here yet....
IC: I position next a marine, having a clear view of the road..
"The plan's simple: Keep tearing at Papa until we get the key, then the medic will burn off any of Papa's cells. Avoid close combat, unless you're not his target."
I see some shuffling in the trees, and some alien birds fly out. The trees started to shuffle at the left of the road, then stop. There was a low growling, and the shuffling went up the road, stopping at the very end of our range.
"Get ready, Papa's in the house!"
"I guess I'll be your long range support."
I toughen the muscles in my barrels to propel the spines at a higher velocity. Soon I look like an organic cannon. Muscles contract and relax as I test out the new form. I rotate 300` around and look up and down. I test fire and a tree splits.
"Well. This is interesting..."
I prepare for the Papa Beast.

OOC: I am somewhere not on ground level.
I inserted the prion containing liquid into the syringe built into my suit. Hopefully I could take down Papa beast and it's brain from far away, though I doubted I would be that lucky. If I hit it's skin the prions would still work, but it would waste time that we didn't have.
As I sit on my perch, I observe Jennifer experimenting with whatever liquid she was toying with.
I was simply drawn to her. I don't know why. Maybe it was her intelligence when it came to toxins and other drugs. Maybe it was her attitude or personality. I don't know. I make several more adjustments to myself, including some tubes holding tentacles.
A giant version of the Beast came out of the jungle, its segmented tail glowing. It charged at us as we started to fire at it. I aimed my grenade launcher at its tail, hoping to get it. It suddenly stops, and raises its tail.
"Watch the tail!"
I fired, the grenade hitting its tail, causing it to explode in green acid. But Papa Beast was still alive. And mad.
I fire a spine, shattering the Beast's Ulna bone. It bellows in agony, then straightens. It's leg seemingly grows a new bone in seconds.

"Jennifer, I hope you know how to kill this thing..."

I fire several more spines, Shattering it's hind legs and a vertibrae. It gives a little shake and it stands up again.

"Well. this thing is annoying..."

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