The Crash (Part 4)

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Umm. What if someone has split personalities?
OOC: All three personalities have made a truce, for science.
No, i mean MY character, would it suck one of the personalities?
Probably if they're split, if they're one then they're both absorbed.
Better learn how to split fast!
And I was talking about the robot
Yeah, I know you were talking about the AI, but I was talking about my character.
OOC: Okay. Could someone give me a recap now that I actually have time to act upon it when they give it to me?
We are gathered inside a secret terran base built inside a dormant volcano on the planet Endor.

Evil Dr. ??? is the mastermind in control of the base.

Oh, the walls move to make an ever changing maze.

Separate note: Jake do you plan to keep with And it all comes falling down ?
Separate note: Jake do you plan to keep with And it all comes falling down ?

OOC: I was going to, but I've been juggling homework with everything else I do, which includes a game called 'Dwarf Fortress' that I really like (although it eats away at your sanity), and just games in general. So I think forcing myself to keep up with only one Forum RP at a time is good enough.
As I come to, the first thing I was wondering was why the walls were moving, and figured I was simply disorientated. I took in what I could of my surroundings, and I began to stand up, clutching my knife and unsheathing it. But the walls didn't stop moving, and I realized that something must be moving the walls, but for what reason, I couldn't understand.

I sigh, thinking about how often I awoke in the strangest of situtations, and begin trudging forward, my knife in hand.
Hey Zanon, when we last left the Changeling and the Templar, they were chatting about making a (temporary?) alliance. We should really build on that.
After wandering for several minutes, my tunnel rat senses from my life in the caves of my 'forever winter' world (I think that's the name they give my type of planet) begin to become woozy, telling me I have been walking in a circle, and that we should go right. I comply, and begin walking in a corridor, when my senses begin telling me that I was going in the wrong direction, and I turn around, and once again my senses scold me.

After who knows how long of this madness, I realize that the walls were moving in an ever changing maze, keeping me in whichever direction they like for who knows how long. I then begin to think about 'experiments' and 'lab rats', and almost immediatly relating myself to 'lab rats', my brain realizing that the interier was very much like terran tech, and that there were plenty of scientists mad enough to create such a diabolicle science lab for experiments that would make any sane man wonder what porpuse they were for...
"Sir, we've lost them. Observer is at there last location, it looks like they went into a maze."
"Not those bloody things..... Alright, new plan. We charge in and take over the computer, got it?"
"Yes sir, then I'll pla-WHAT?!?!"
"What is it?"
"T-the rooms just swaped with the armoury. Looks like the target have his room changed with other ones."
"Get a scan on it."
"Alright...... A computer is controling it, and it's swaping the rooms every so often. I can't get the swap pattern until we get into a central computer."
"Ok then, pull back and get back on the ship. We'll deal with this later, we need more firepower."


The dropship reaches sight of the temple, which had Zerg corpses around it. It slowly landed, crushing a few Zergling corpses. The pilot speaks up on the mike.
"Can't let you out yet, the lock on the doors are malfuctioning. Give us another 10 minutes to fix it."
I jumped as another stone block swung past me, this time narrowly crushing my hand. What lay behind it was a far more terrifying sight. A zealot, body smoking purple flames, lay to one side, a marine standing over him. I was about to call out for help when I realized that the marine wasn't a friendly one. He had a constantly shifting form, and his eyes had a sharp purple glint. Given that the zealot hadn't been able to do anything against him I assumed that he was one of the Doctors twisted experiments.

The marine turned toward me, and I felt something chill my soul. I quickly began to talk, letting out an incomprehensible babble and lurching to one side. The marine was skeptic, but as I had correctly assumed he was an idiot. He was all brawn and no brain. He cautiously extended out a hand, as was the normal human reaction, and then I lunged.

I had the back end of a scalpel coming towards his groin. I smiled as I heard a sharp crack. The marine's eyes spaced out for a second, and I pushed him to the ground. Foolish doctor, he had used Dominion marine suits. I fumbled around at the back engine, then thought better. There was no time, I shoved the scalpel into the engine and it sputtered out. With nothing to supply the power to move the gears and joints of the suit, it had essentially become a prison.

I withdrew a much more sinister looking scalpel, a laser one that would have been used to remove parasites. I quickly flicked the power, and after a few seconds I burned a hole inside the helmet glass. Another flick of my wrist and it sliced straight up his nose, into his brain.

I grimaced, there was notohing else to see here. Another rock shifted back, another path to take.
"Admit it changeling. We are lost. We attempted to double back and found a dead end.Then you decided we must have taken a wrong turn, even though my memory was not in error."

Fear is an illusion.
That is what the Dark Templar said. He is correct. You will succeed or you will not. Fear is a warning, not an omen.

I stop. There is no point walking in circles, so I will wait here.
I sit/float and begin to meditate.
"Templar, the problem is, that there are no RIGHT turns. The maze itself is moving. The only way is to try to get everyone together. Now, I have told you my plot, do you see why it was nessasary to read the child's mind? I needed to know what type of action that he could possibly take against me. My death would change nothing. My life will change many lives in the future, for peace in this battle-scarred sector. But for now, We need to regroup. I begin to sense... A terran? It feels familiar... Jennifer!

I send a telepathic message to her.
"So, how have you been? Tried out you're new arm yet? Well, you will have some time. By the time we all regroup, there will be some event that will take place, I want to know that you have full control by the time we see each other again. Promise me that... This maze's walls keep getting higher, which means that we are all in a cavern, we already knew that this installation was created inside a Volcano, so it makes sense that the Doctor is trying to round us all up. We will meet in the Center, but, if you see ANYONE that we know, stay with them. With any luck you meet up with the Templar and I. I hope to see you soon. Goodbye for now..."

I turn back to the Templar, who has a confused look.
"Long story short, Spores in us created clones, Made big holes in our chest. While I was controlled by them, I infected Jennifer and John Flemming. Jennifer cut her arm off. I gave her a Changeling arm. I hope she uses it to the best of her abilities. That arm will only do as much as her imagination..."

I refocus.
"Well, we should get going. If we are to meet in the center, then I should be able to fly us out..."
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Long story short, Spores in us created clones, Made big holes in our chest. While I was controlled by them, I infected Jennifer and John Flemming. Jennifer cut her arm off. I gave her a Changeling arm.

I allow none of my shock to escape for the changeling to detect.

"The child has more ability than he recognizes. Stay away from him. If you believe you know how to reach the center then lead on. "

We walk in silence for several moments.

"I do not think you would beat me if we were to truly fight changeling. You may fancy yourself immortal, but I have decades more experience than you. What ever you may think pure power can accomplish, remember the mighty archons have much power, but do not have the psionic abilities their counterparts did. Think about it before you attempt to gain more power."

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