The Crash (Part 4)

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"That may well be true templar. But I have the collective memories of those I have taken DNA from. I have Centuries of training thanks to the Late Counselor. I know that he gave the Child most of his power. I will allow you into my mind, and you will see my words to be truthful. I am a visionary, Templar. Who knows, if some of you want, I may give you some of my serum. Now, don't get the wrong idea. This isn't infestation or even a virus. This is a Vaccine. A vaccine of peace and prosperity... I need the Child, Templar. He is the last piece. All I need is but a tap on his shoulder, then I need not to see him again..."

"Oh, and before I forget. It's pretty obvious that you were thinking greatly about something I said a few minutes ago. May I inquire what it is?"
"Even if I fail to stop you, the child will never allow it. That is what I was thinking about."

OOC: You can get their powers from DNA, not memories.
I mean instincts, like knowing how to pilot a Banshee, or honed skills. Genetic reflexes. etc.
Great looks like this place has just gotten worse. The grenade that one of them spec ops people threw definitely gave me a headache that rivaled that of the sundrop headaches.
I duck as part of a wall begins to shift. I better keep moving before the maze kills me.
I can sense the changeling and the templar. I try to reach out to them but my psionics are blocked. Must have been that grenade. Well this is just great.
It's called mussel memory, I believe it is when your brain makes new synapses, or shortcuts, to increase your response time when preforming certain tasks. This is brain chemistry, not DNA.

There is such thing as instincts, but I have never heard of genetic reflexes. You can not just suddenly learn the focus that it took counselor centuries to develop.

In theory you could read the pilot's mind for how to fly, but you would lack the 'feel' for flying. Same with the counselor and his abilities. Except you didn't break into his mind.

As to the rest... Twins do not necessarily have the same knowledge, and their DNA is identical.

Remember you are already:
Immortal: like zerg all are
Imprevious to pain: again like zerg
A changeling that can:
--Make it's own PROJECTILE weapons
--Change your size to VERY large
--Split into 2 and back
--Immense psionic power
----And you want to have the SKILL that came with it.

What I'm saying is that your logic is flawed.
AND you are crossing the line from OP to uber crazy overpowered

Besides all that... I think not having skill to go with the huge power would be a good character weakness/drawback.
Having an OP character is all well and good... but you need some weakness.
I mean... you know. !@#$ arguing with you. I mean, at least psionicly. I already had knowledge on how to use it. It's like learning an instrument. The hardest part is learning the basics, and then, when the lessons start to get harder and harder, you find them easier and easier to master.
I also already went over somewhere that bullets, fire, and chemical warfare are the BEST things to use against me. My Changeling doesn't like being massive, it is against his meaning as a zerg. They are supposed to be behind enemy lines, not charging against them!

Also about the Muscle memory thing. Meh, I learned about it a couple years ago so I thought (HEY! This seems to be a unique thing for my character!)

BUT! I digress.

I begin to feel the presence of John Flint. I try to call out to him, but his mind is fuzzy. I wonder what made him that way. Were the Tendrils now hindering his psionics?
I feel like I have been here for hours now. I feel myself weakening I am going to have to rest soon. I find an area that looks more stable than the rest of the labyrinth. I sit down and munch on a m.r.e.. I feel myself starting to fall asleep. I guess I haven't truly rested in some time. I decide that sleep will aid me more than harm. Worst thing that could happen is one of those spec ops find me which probably won't happen.

I awaken a few hours later feeling stronger than before. The walls have shifted yet again and are about ready to change once more. I get up and start to head out. I can still sense the changeling and the templar. I also feel another presence. It is the child. He isn't far from me I can tell that much but the templar and changeling are closer. I call out to the templar and changeling.
So have you to settled your differences yet. (to just the templar.) The child is near as I am sure you know. I understand your position and need to protect the child. How can I aid you in protecting him.
I feel John Flint's mind clear up from whatever fog was hindering it.
"Why, hello John. I have already spoken to Jennifer, this maze is herding us into the center of the Volcano. If you do not believe me, you should notice the ceiling keeps going higher and higher. Once we meet up in the center, something big will happen. As for what, exactly, I cannot tell. Just be prepared, John. I don't want any of you dying until we get out of this cavern."

I turn back to the Templar.
"I sense the Child, I am guessing by the concentrated look on your face that you are trying to talk to him, or another, in secret? With your permission, may I contact him?"
I smiled as I saw air appear on top of the labyrinth. I knew I was being lead against my own will, but the others were coming. The cavern had reached the point in which the mammoth blocks did not extend to the top, but they were perfectly smooth. Trying to climb over would be futile. Instead, I loaded up a flare and fired it, marking the center.
Well, looks like someone reached the center already.
"Computer, send a few Centuars to urge the others the come faster. Don't release the Minotaur yet, wait until they're all here."

OOC: so that I don't have to write the Centuar description, they're abberaitons with their lower half of their bodies being ultralisk legs and are intelligent and can use weapons. But they're only half as deadly as a smart guard.
I see a burning light, then notice the blue light around it. We were getting close to the center. I sense Jennifer again.
"So. How is the Arm doing?"
The changeling was speaking inside my head.

11/17/2011 04:28 AMPosted by HowBabysRBrn
I mean... you know. !@#$ arguing with you.

That means a lot to me.
I pride myself of my knowledge of random science stuff.
"Yes, play with them if you wish. Make sure that they are well suited for testing, I need to examine the Protoss neural cortex, the changeling's bone structure, if it has one, and the human's reaction to our new DNA."
I smirk at Jennifer's response.
"Is it so wrong for me to check up on you? Ashley's been freaking out ever since we got into this mess. Also, please learn how to use that new arm of yours. I don't want you freaking out and killing us..."

Stones and pebbles circle the child as he meditates.


Stops meditating and watches the flare go up.
Without a word the child stands and begins walking.
"Templar, may I talk to the Child?"
"You know that I will always attempt to stop you so long as there is breath in my body changeling."
"Fine, be freaking paranoid. But, may I ask, why can I not even speak with the Child? Are you so paranoid that I'll accidentally kill him with my thoughts?"
We continue towards the Center. After several minutes, we Find a wide open area bathed in blue light. Jennifer was sitting in the middle, taking inventory of her systems.

"Hello, Jennifer..."
She turns to me, her eyes glow green.
"Oh. Sorry, meant to say, holy !@#$."

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