Gabriel's history.

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Feeling inspired by Mockingjay's marvelous story telling, I decided to give Gabriel a backstory as well, also because I feel like I didn't really do him justice in the story. Since my time is limited, if anyone wants to take over after the long weekend, feel free to do so, I give you full creative control once I'm off.

Gabriel laid on the cliff edge, his eyes closed. The wind whistled through his ears, seemingly whispering to him. He so enjoyed these moments. Completely isolated from the universe, it was times like these that he felt most at peace. He no longer noticed the rocks floating around him, or the dead reptilian creature that made the mistake of surprising him. He never understood why the rocks floated like they did, or why it only happened when he was around, and at 17, he didn't really care.

The pitch of the wind changed, and he opened his eyes. Glancing up, he noticed the Confederate dropship passing through the atmosphere. So, they had finally come. He had guessed they would, after what had happened. After all, supply depots didn't usually explode with blue lightning, and marines didn't often go flying through the air as if they had been shot from a siege tank. He guessed that who ever had been sent to investigate would want to talk to him, since he had been at all of the little accidents that had plagued to base since he turned 13.

Gabriel closed his eyes and smiled. If they wanted to talk to him, they could wait another hour or three.
Gabriel gradually awoke, aware that he wasn't alone. He didn't know who was there, neither was it very important. He decided to keep his eyes closed.

A smooth, cold voice sounded from behind him. "So, you are Gabriel." A statement, not a question.

Gabriel shrugged, content to make minimal effort to discover his companion. "That depends. Who is it that thinks he knows?"

"Oh, I don't just think I know, I know. I know many things. I know you are 13. I know your father is a mechanic at Granite Base Armory. I know your mother is a scientist at Silver Installation. I know you have spent your entire life at this.....backwater." The distaste in the stranger's voice was thick.

Gabriel kept his eyes closed. Everything the man had said could be discovered by talking to people at the base.

"I know that as of two hours from now, no one at Granite Base, including your parents, will remember you even existed."

Gabriel's eyes flickered open. This was new.

"I also know that you have some.....unusual abilities that have been causing issues at the base. I know that you are a psionic, though how strong remains to be scene."

Gabriel stared out over the foothills. He contemplated the stranger's words, his curiosity sparked.

"Of course, I also know that the accidents you caused are not your fault. When untrained psionics are placed under stress, or when their concentration wanders, their powers can wander as well. Which why I am here to make you an offer."

Gabriel didn't move.

"You see, the Confederacy has a....program, lets call it, to train people like you. Frankly, I'm surprised that you haven't come to our attention sooner. We would like you to come with us, to focus your abilities. You could do a lot of people a lot of good, you know."

Gabriel blinked, considering the offer. "And if I choose not to go with you?"

A humorless chuckle sounded from behind him. "I'm afraid you are mistaken. The choice isn't whether or not you are going. The choice is whether or not you go willingly. If you decide you don't want to go, we have ways of......getting around that. I would prefer not to use them, simply because its always easier with volunteers."

Gabriel ran his fingers over the warm stone beneath him. And what exactly would I be volunteering to become?"

"A Ghost."

Gradually, an amused grin filtered across Gabriel's face. He rolled over onto his back to face an older man in a gray, skintight, full-body suit, standing in the exit of the pass.

"Sounds interesting."

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