Alpha Logs; Zhul'daks (Open Rp)

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OOC: Normally, we would finish Falling Skies, but some dumbcraps ruined it. This is our place for our rp to continue. Episode Two of what was formarly known as just Open Roleplay.

You return home from the falling Skies, the mission succesful. You all get a week off and mostly goof of spending time togethor. After this vacation you're instructed to go to Zhul'daks. A small protoss moon covered in snow. Lab 2 - V645 Holds Specimen 'Jaira' You aren't told much only that it's a Mecha unit you need to recover. The trip is over the course of 3 months, but Cryo Freeze makes it feel like a few minutes. You land at a frozen city, the only safe landing pad available. As you make your way into the city you hear growls and such. Most likely Wild Ursadaks (Non Zerg Ultralisks). The city is huge, the buildings are broken and Frozen, even your suits start to freeze over. Your new Mechanic says he'll be able to fix it, but they need warmth.

OOC: Go!
Alright, ill keep marcus in then
Dunno if I have to add my char to this thread but incase
Name: Marcus Roads
Unit type: Marine
Equipment: Small Medic Kit, Flashlight, 6-Shot Revolver, Radio, and a standard gauss rifle.
IC: Marcus looks at the mechanic."What do you mean we will need warmth? We're not going to get any on this place.. it's freezing here.. where is this lab supposed to be?"
Ace idk if you can join since it is a closed rp talk to roboto.
i hope i can, this roleplay is the best, so what do ya say roboto?
hey terrorz do you just rp on mien until a reply
Nvm, I'll let you try.
The cold wind chills you guyses spines... You see small building with a door not entirely frozen over. Fry walks over and kicks down the door. "WaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAGH!" He yells as a couple Broodlings scurry out the door. Jack slices them up fats with a new blade he got.
"Gvet insvide, dey vwill be cominvg vsoon." Veruk the Mechanic states as he walks in.
Marcus checks his gun to make sure its fully loaded. "Who will be coming soon.. more zerg?"
"Vmost indefiantly." Veruk replies.
Marcus laughs and looks out a opening in the building. " I think I see a zerg now..." He points to a hydralisk a few hundered yards away that looks at them, hisses, and slithers off, most likely reporting there position to more zerg.
"Vwouge zerg, no vweal hives here. Our vmain vreat is de Vursadaks." He starts to fiddle with your armor adding on pieces.

OOC: Gn for tonight. Terrorz tell the others to join this, K.
May I be my changeling again Roboto?

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