Alpha Logs; Zhul'daks (Open Rp)

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OOC: Gn roboto, soon I will have to go to bed, And howsbabyRBrn you should be the changeling, maybe we can have something like they are still deciding where to release you so you wouldn't be a threat and put you with the squad on this mission so that you could " help out" but really they want us to keep a close eye on you.
"Rogue zerg eh?, I like those ones better.. more stupid... I hope we don't get any trouble."
Name: Gunther Krieg (has a Germanic accent)
Class: Maurader
Rank: Private

"Well what ever comes near me that isn't friendly is gonna met death itself."
I watch the terrain looking for anything that may be hostile. The weather is beginning to limit visibility. That is going to hinder us for just about everything and our armor may freeze over. That means anything else will suffer the same fate.
"So.. those ursa- pshh... whatever the hell they are called aren't so freindly? I don't think we will find the lab by just sitting around here."
I begin to roam these frozen lands, I remember the days when I was a willing slave to the queen !@#$% of the universe. Then... Something, something snapped, and I looked at myself. I realized what I was and immediately felt guilty, guilty of leading so many others to their deaths, guilty for being part of "The Swarm". I felt something, more of those others, the kind I used to help kill. The ones I used to deceive. I begin to feel a tingling sensation in my body. Soon I stand on four legs, two large tusks jut out of my head, and my fur glistens in the snow.

As an Ursadak, I travel to those wanderers.

Oh what I would give to repay for my sins.
Name: Joshua Hill
Rank: Privet
Job: Squads Communications
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++General Calvin sir, a Protoss ship has hailed you, said It was important that he speak with you, something about our mission?
I see one of the people coming out to me. He has a smile on his face. That smile makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
I realize that I can talk to him, but through writing. I observed their literature while I was disguised.
I write HELLO FRIEND into the snow, the man comes and stares at it. I give him a smile.

I also write,

Marcus stares at the ursadak. " Oh crud, whats the explosives guy doing near that thi- get back over here before it stomps you!" OOC: Wait, howsbabybrn is no longer a changeling and a ursadak or just a changeling in disguise?

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