Alpha Logs; Zhul'daks (Open Rp)

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Hey can you understand meeee?
(the italics are when im communicating telepathically to zerg and toss)
(brb guys changing portrait to a probe <3 )
The thing is telepathicly talking to me!
Umm. Hi? I can hear you, can you hear me?
Marcus walks away from the squad and vomits in his suit. " Damn.. must be homesick *laughs*." OOC: Decided to spice things up, marcus doesn't know it but instead of getting killed by the zerg in falling skies he was infested, and it's slowley taking him over but noone knows. BRB For a bit again.
Yes I can here you. My name is Probit nice to meet you.
OCC: guys pretend my old character died in Falling Skies cause probes are way cooler
Nice to meet you too. My name is Andy. Sooooo. Where and why did you fall out of the sky?
*the terran starts to walk around Probit trying to find a place to plug the USB cord in but since I'm a protoss probe I dont have one*
*zaps ace*
ahem...well I was ordered to standby for the time being in orbit around this planet until further instructions, probably to build a base here most likely.
Umm. Is the Terran trying to get you to mate with his device?
I HAVE NO IDEA,why don't you ask him.
*hops up and down as if saying yes*
How can you nod? You are basically a floating head! No offense, though. I really can't talk to him without written language...
OCC: I'll be back a bit later guys going to eat

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