Alpha Logs; Zhul'daks (Open Rp)

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OOC: Sixel, Fluppuple's RP started. I am the infested Terrans...

IC: I decide to change back into a Changeling, since the others are not around. I pick Probit up and shake my head, saying NO to Ace. I put probit down and pat him. I also flash him a smile.
Sixel, you should come to the Amnesiac RP and be tel darim while its in its early stages
I breathe fire on it. Changelings can do any physical thing they want~
I find 5 6-packs of Beer. I wonder what it tastes like.

*3 packs later*

OOoooOOooOOhHhhhHH ThhhHHiiIISss TTaaaassSTtesSsSS SoOoooOOOoo GooOoOOOoOOD!
Rest in peace, alpha logs and falling skies, your lives were short, but well lived... Rest in peast. Happens. A crowd of people who weren't even in the RP gather around a coffin as it is lowered into the ground, crying, and listining to the bagpipe music.

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