Does anyone acctually enjoy ZvZ?

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Its not fun. I hate every second i play it.
Yeah, I kind of enjoy it as long as I get the other matchups too.
Love it.

It's the single most micro intensive matchup zerg has.
Me gusta.
I find the baneling wars fun. Me gusta mucho pero ZvZ es un rapido. Hell ya beat the person above me :d
When I see Banelings, it really scares me. But otherwise, sure.
I enjoy it, but I am very bad at it.

baneling zergling battles are incredibly fun and intense, as long as you don't screw up.
I enjoy it but I believe its waaaaayyy to unpredictable.
It forces agressive play, because it is a lot easier to kill drones then protect them
I like it.
I wish there was less of it though.
11/16/2011 01:55 PMPosted by BlackAdder
Yeah, I kind of enjoy it as long as I get the other matchups too.
ZvZ is my best match up, but only because I play a very aggressive style. It just doesn't work against Protoss or Terran. Not to mention it is more intense and will make you happy if you win.
I used to hate ZvZ because of the sling/bling wars where 1 mistake would end the game. Now that I'm getting better at it though, I'm starting to enjoy it more.
I love ZvZ.

1) Only Zerg matchup that isn't !@#$ing retarded (not necessarily imba).
2) Allows you to show all your skills (unless it's some stupid ling all-in, or roach/ling attack), and is a very cool matchup.
I hate ZvZ's, but I find my ZvZ wins the most satisfying because it really is like an apples to apples chess match.
I like it! Especially since I've developed a macro build to really take it to the next level in ling/bling wars... after a certain point, it changes to mass muta/ling or roach/hydra.. then up to either broodies/hydra or ultra/ling/hydra
ling baneling muta is how the matchup should be.
Z v Z baneling wars are always epic. The better you get the more intense it gets and the more satisfying when they slipped up thier micro and got 10 lings killed on 1 baneling
Even at my low rank ZvZ sucks. I despise it.
I love ZvZ!

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