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I have a school project where we had to make a survey on some topic. I need real people to do this survey, so I thought you guys would be best.
This isn't a hard or long survey, but I do need it done, so if you can stop getting OP marine rushed for a moment, that would really help.
You are welcome.
@#$%, I don't know most of these things, both there's no "I don't know". Although I might not be legeitimate since I'm still in middle school.
11/21/2011 05:42 PMPosted by HowBabysRBrn
You are welcome.
Kekekeke that was fun
I tried :(
On one question you ask: "How long is the earths rotation around the sun" it's Revolution not rotation.
Rotation, spinning on axis
Moving, around a separate object

How dare you use logic and scientific knowledge on these forums! Burn the witch, brethren.
One of those questions...which is the most populated city?

It's shanghai...

or am I going insane?

Make it easy on yourself and others.

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