I just bought amnesia: dark descent...

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I had to stop playing in the sewers because I was too stressed out to leave the safe area. anyone else have tales of extreme underwear destruction while playing this game?
Oh dear, you have no idea.

I've been playing over the past few days. I've gotten spooked a hell of a lot, but the worst was when I was in the prison. It felt like there were guys everywhere, and I was extremely jumpy. Then my mother opened the door behind me... ended up freaking the hell out at her.

On another note, this is the best freakout I've ever seen:


Quote of the year: "Oh s***! I have a bag of milky ways!"
in the water redirection room.... I was so afraid to touch the water even though its safe in there ;_;
I watched gameplay of the game, it's funny seeing people react. I think you guys get scared because you're afraid that you're going to die. But if you did what my friend did once, I'll totally understand.
What my friend did was that he played Dead Space in the total dark, had a friend of his set random times for an alarm to go off, made it that the TV made the only sounds, only person in the room.......and no one told him that the game was scary.
Right after that, he told that he was afraid to go in the dark for the entire day.

Water splashes are actual enemies, but you'll only face two of them the entire game
The zombie-things (Can't remember the names) will detect you better the lower your sanity is
For some reason, if you hold an object to cover your screen, they can't see you (Don't test it though)
When your sanity is gone, you faint. When you get back up, you're sanity will be back
Enemies can see you better in the light, but stops your sanity from draining
Enemies can't be killed except with glitches
If you see an enemy, do either one of these:
1) Run, close the doors behind you, AND DON'T LOOK BACK
2) Hide so it can't see you
3) Be a man and throw stuff at it. At least you'll die pissing someone off
4) Pause the game, quit, then play something else
5) Eat bacon to give you an idea. Why bacon? Because bacon solves everything
I never played it before, is it terrifying? I find Dead space not very scary at all.
Dead Space isn't scary, it scared my friend because no one told him what they were going to do to him. But Amnesia is scary depending if you're the type of player that isn't scared of dying or not.
you have to try to find amnesia scary. also nait delete that because its epic spoilers. seriously man...

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