This Is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #8 (RP)

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This is an actual roleplay. Here are the rules!
State your (name) (race) (unit-type), and any other info that you feel others should know. I will start. Additionally, all races can understand each other, due to some technology.

Please keep track of your Credits and Items. Each Player will get 100 credits at the beginning of each day, from when they started.

*Link to First Thread*

I give Credit for this series of threads to Vulturling.
New Players are welcomed.
Nick, Terran/Protoss, Zealot Marine

*See Previous threads for character details*

Nick Watched as Zealots approached his strike team, and gave the command to prepare weapons.

"Targets left and center, lets make sure Jay and Steve get out of here alive."

Jay vanished into a blue smoke as she followed Steve the Dark archon into the Warp Prism. Jay, an Ex-Ghost, Had been Nick's friend for quite some time.

"Open fire."

The marines unleashed a hail of lead towards the courrupt zealots, as stalkers began to warp in around the marines.

"Targets flanking us! Tim, Sara, Take out those stalkers!"

Name: Caleb Johnson
Race: Terran
Class: Marauder
Extra Info: Mercenary. Rank Sargent.

I leave the base in a transport towards a group of marines that are under attack by the corrupted protoss that inhabit the area. There are 3 other marauders with me.

"Alright lads we are fast approaching our destination. Last we knew there were zealots in the area so watch yourselves."
Sounds of pain echoed across the battlefield as bursts of energy connected with marines. Blood splattered the ground as both human and Protoss alike died.

"Kill those zealots, there tearing us apart!"

Only five members remained from the original squad, and at least 20 more zealots were closing in on the group, not to mention the colossi that could be seen approximately twenty miles out.

"Switch to armor piercing rounds, and aim for the head, the armor is too thick anywhere else!"
Nick turned on his Psi blades, and ran towards the nearest zealots.

"Put suppressing fire on the other zealots, keep 'em off of me!"

Nick dove towards the zealots he had been charging at, and unleashed a flurry of attacks.
Oh come on... Ah well. Thanks for continuing it :P

Vultureling warps in...or, more accurately, jumps from the ground behind a zealot. Poking it with his claw, it falls over dead. Happy to have helped, he pops back into the ground...for now.
Oh come on... Ah well. Thanks for continuing it :P

Well, you didn't really do much about reviving the thread now did you? It was a helluva lot of fun, and I am continuing it. =]
The air around Nick turned into a reddish mist as his repeated attacks on the same zealot finally landed. The zealot fell to the ground in a thump, and Nick raised his rifle and repeatedly fired into the downed zealot's skull.
Sigh, maybe these threads are still dead =[
It takes time Nick. From all the threads I've been in I have noticed that it takes time.

We arrive at the site in about an hour. The rough terrain proved to be a challenge for the transport. The marines were surrounded by zealots and the collosi were closing in fast. Me and the others dash out of the transport to aid the marines.
"Hey heard you lads needed some help."
I lob a few grenades at a nearby stalker.
"Marines, get to the medivac!"

Nick shouts as he pulls out his EMP grenade.

Medral/Protoss/High templar

*Watch's his troops fight marines. He worrys for the sake for the protoss. He sends more troops into battle, as he watches his troops take on the marines outside the battle.*

A zealot master walks into the room

"Send more zealots to take on this terran threat. I want them warped in here now. No more than 10 zealots. If we lose this master, fall back. I'll take them out to give you guys cover"

The master walked out. Medral kept his gaze on the battle, as more zealots warp in
Thank you for joining the thread, David. I find your choice funny, as before, a high templar was commanding the protoss troops.

IC: "Shoot the pylons!!! Take out those zealots before they arrive!"

*Only one pylon is destroyed, but an EMP grenade hits three of the warping in zealots.

That leaves around Five Zealots.*

A lucky blow from a warping in zealot lands on Nick's battlesuit, by the shoulder. He drops his Gun, but slams his fist into the zealots face.
*See's pylon go down*

"Those terrans have come to far by themselves, Most of my zealots are gone. As I promised, I will meet the enemy my self. Probe."

Probe comes in.

"Send the retreat order. We will abandon our position. I will meet the enemy in combat."

*Probe does a beeping noise, then leaves.*

"Let's me die holy!"

*Jumps down the ledge, preparing to do a physconic storm*

Zealots fall back, leaving Medral to fight Nick and his troops alone
Medral will wait for Nicks reaction.
Vultureling you have abandoned And it all comes falling down -_-, and thats really bad because you were the DM
Name: Zaros
Base Unit: Marine
Needed Info: Carries a shotgun instead of a Gauss Rifle because he prefers close range
Medral finds Zaros and waits for reaction.

+ Plead that you don't mean no harm. Medral will spare your life and the remaining troops. Survival is certain, but your pride will be weakened.

- Threaten to take Medral's life. You will be fighting an unknown foe that doesn't see defeat. Survival varys, and your risking your troops lives. The decider will live, but with guilt that he doesn't save his marines.
"Why are the zealots retreating?"
Just at that moment I notice a High Templar appear to confront us. Well this just keeps getting better.

OOC: Underlined is when my char is thinking.
Nick activates his psi blades, and begins to recharge his EMP grenade.

"Stand down, or we will be cleared to use deadly force, Low Templar."
*Looks to Nick*
"Shall we open fire?"
*Readies his grenade launcher*

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