This Is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #8 (RP)

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I don't have any troops
IC: I look at the three combatants, I decide to go with the higher amount of numbers. I take out my shotgun and aim it at the high templar and say to him, "If you claim the lives of more Terrans I will blow your brains out."
"Well, This will be interesting."

He charges up his energy and fires his psi blast, killing all of Nicks troops. Medral retreats into a cavern, forcing Nick, Caleb and Zaros to either.

A. Investigate the protoss base, letting Medral to escape

B. Chase Medral, but miss the chance to investigate the protoss base.
I say to the other humans, "Check the base I will follow the Protoss Templar. there is nothing I hate more is something claiming the lives of other Terrans."
Name: Unknown
Race: Terran
Class: Unknown
Extra Info: Unknown
Mayday, Mayday!! The zerg are everywhere. We need immediate evac NOW!!!!!!
I hear the Distress call, "one of you go search for the crash site."
"FEKK!! Get a !@#$%^- medic down here now!" Nick says over the comms while chasing after Meadreal through the caves.
As Nick is about to enter the cave, he hears a blood curling shriek and sees a medivac spiraling out of control, being chased by a group of twenty plus hydralisks being led by a hunter killer.
Nick is torn between taking revenge on the one who killed his team, or ring to save his current friends.
New character; Osplin, Zerg, Hydralisk

Osplin was a member of the Hazapi brood, a little-known brood that specialized in ambushes and general marauding. When he was spawned, his Tmypanel cortex had been misformed, dulling his hearing abilities. However, because of this, he had gotten used to relying on his eyes more. He hardly ever missed. Because of this, he had been in battle for quite some time, and survived. Every wound a zerg takes grows back stronger, and Osplin was no exception.

Osplin crashed through the underbrush as his fellow beings unleashed a garage of spines towards the now burning medivac. One of the hydralisks had gotten a spine into the fuel tank, and it sparked. Osplin noticed an rather tall looking marine sprinting towards the group, and relaxed. A group as large as his should easily overcome a few scattered troops. But something bothered him. The marine was full on charging, either the marine was extremely foolish, or was not your average marine...
Nick charged towards the group of hydralisks, and activated his
"Sound Technology Enabling Audibly Lucid Transcomponent Harmony" Device, otherwise know as temporary stealth. He activated his Psi blades, as to not attract the attention of others because of gunshots, and began to take out as many troops as he could before his battery pack drained.
New character
Name: Robert Lee
Race: Terran
Class: Battlecruiser Commander
Extra Info: Friends with dark templars

There's too many corruptors coming. We need support! We can' t hold them off...... Wait, what's that!......No! ABANDON SHIP!!! ABANDON SHIP!!!

I wake up from being unconscious for a few hours.
Ugh. I've seem to have crashed on a planet. *I check my transmitter watch, and turn the communacation control on. "Dr. Ward! Dr.Ward!
Yes sir?
Find out what planet I'm on and why my battlecrusier is in full condition. I know I've crashed here.
Did you ask one of your crew mates?
They're all gone. I don't see another living soul on my ship.........…hello? You there? *looking up, I notice a distance away a medivac dropship on fire and hydralisks being slashed apart, probably from a dark templar. He's always been friends with almost every dark templar he's come across. This should be no exception. "Hold on! I'm coming" I rush toward my battlecrusier and turn it on, hearing the engine hum, preparing the ATS and ATA laser batteries. The ship hovers for a few seconds and I'm off to battle. I crash through trees, scratching the plating of the battlecrusier, but I shrug it off.
"Never thought I'd be fighting so soon after what happened"
At least he switched to helping the medivac. I continue on to the cave.
New Character
Name: Roland Jones
Race: Terran
Class: Outlaw
Extra Info: Hellions, his favorite vehicles.

Roland is known for his reckless hellion skills, getting kicked out because he believed it was every man for himself. Now he believes the world is a miserable place and everyone is a fool. He thinks he's the only one who can fix it, and he does so killing every bit of zerg matter, changing the world each day, bit by bit.

I meet with Robert every once in a while, my life long friend and battlecrusier commander, to collect fuel for my hellion and to feed my infernal flamethrower. Robert is now missing, so I buy a low class pick-up ship, and fly to each planet until I spot Robert's battlecruiser. I start to descend until I find what Robert is heading for, a cave full of hydralisks being slashed apart and a medivac dropship on fire, spiraling out of control, crashing any second. I can't let anyone in there be harmed, for each person harmed who don't derserve it, the world grows weaker. I land on a small clearing and prepares his hellion. I burst through the pick-up ship, for sure that Robert can give me a lift, and activates both fire boost and fire trail. My hellion throws out a flame turret S.M.E.T. pack, and the turret unfolds itself within a matter of seconds and shoots a fire wave at the oncoming hydralisks, frying them to crisps. I unleashes a fire bolt at a hunter killer, with a temperature so hot it stops the enemy right in its tracks, but this hunter killer seems different. It doesn't stop or flinch and shoots three spines in the fuel cell, making the hellion drive out of control and into a wall, crashing, my hellion exploding and feeling a sharp pain shoot through his whole body. I hear a sharp cry and see a zealot appear out of nowhere and slashing at the hunter killer and Robert shooting wildly at the rest of the hydralisks before I black out.
Osplin slashed at the "Marine" using his arms as scythes, but only few of slashes were hitting.
He Whip-lashed his tail and knocked the "marine's" feet from under him, and he fell to the ground. He stood over his victim, who had a now smashed faceplate, a weakspot where a spine would easily pierce.... but all was not well. The fractured mask revealed blue skin, not split human flesh...

Nick rammed his battle-suit enhanced arm into the chest of the hunter-killer. staggering the beast, and making it hunker over. He rammed his armored arm onto the back of the
hunter-killer's head in a downward motion, stunning it yet again. He then forced his gauntleted hand onto the hunter killers neck as his cloaking device flickered out of power.
The hunter-killer's face flickered from suprise to pure rage. It opened its mouth, revealing row after row of menacing teeth, and its frills burst into a orange-black nightmare. It let out a bloodcurling shriek that would have left the most powerful human's bravery fade into fear, and the other hyralisks turned to their leader.
New Character
Name: Lekroger
Race: Terran
Class: Merc Marine
Extra Info: See previous Z+Z threads.

I regain conscious in a medical facility. Must of crashed the ship harder than I thought. The medic told me that I should be back on my feet in a few hours. I hope Nick and the others are ok.

Great the zerg are closing in fast. I fire three rounds into a group of 4 hydralisks. One falls to the blast dieing instantly and the 3 others are only moderately wounded. Each of the remaining 4 that I shot at fired a volley of spines at me.
Three spine penetrate my armor and sink into my flesh. One landed in my left arm the other to in my right leg. I return fire with 2 more shots an kill the rest of those 3.
I turn just to be greeted by several more hydralisks. This had turned out to be an awesome day*Said with a sarcastic tone*
Osplin let out a scream to his fellow Zerg, to alert them to his needs as the Zealot squeezed on his throught. Many of his fellow hydralisks turned to him, and watched their learder dying. most of them stared on in confusion, but a few of them launched spines at the zealot.
Nick saw out of the corner of his eye a glint of a barb reflecting the light. he let go of the hydralisk and crouched as around seven spines arched above him. He took out his Psi-Knife and slashed at the hyrdalisk's face, and reactivated his cloaking on reserve batteries to cover his escape.
I see a fellow soldier struggling with a hunter killer. It turns out that he is a protoss zealot. I see the other hydralisks staring at them as they struggle. Some of the hydralisks start to fire spines at the zealot. Before all of them can start to attack I fire a few grenades into the hydralisks and run to tackle another one.
I jab at its head with my grenade launcher gauntlet. It swats my jab away with its claw arm. I uppercut at it with my other arm. It tries to knock my stroke away but it fails. My gauntlet hits its lower jaw and I fire a grenade into is skull and push it away before the grenade goes off. One more down.

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