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I see what I believe to be a marine/zealot. The hunter killer lets out a shreik and all hydralisks point towards their master. He seems to be strangled by the marine. I stop firing, worried that I might hit the marine and that's when is see something that looks crashed and on fire, probably from the medivac, but the medivac is fine and in the back of the cave. I notice a wheel on fire leaning on the wall and I only know one person who uses those exact same wheels.
*the communacation console starts to hum again a Dr. Ward appears, lookinhg as frightened as ever*
Sir!! You have to head back to base. Something is attackin.. u. It.. .... ti..*static replaces the voice and he hears people screaming and buildings crumbling in the background.
Hold on! I'm coming!! I turn around and set course for sector 354, setting movement speed to light speed, and blasting off.

I arrive at sector 354 and I sees the problem. The same thing that made me crash, a leviathan. If you don't know what that is, imagine 8 spine crawlers with tentacles five feet longer, four spore crawlers, four brood lords, two corruptors, and a gigantic ball of fuzz with 4 eyes and a mouth with teeth so sharp, it makes your eyes burn, all tied together and you get a pretty decent picture in your head. The leviathan is causing havoc to everything around it. It fire the yamato cannon at it's head and manage to blind it for a few seconds. I call to all sectors around me to help fight this beast and they respond, the closest being here in about 5 minutes. I'll have to fend this thing long enough for backup to arrive. I fire the ATA laser batteries at the monstrosity and manage to kill a brood spawner, not that that's going to help me, cause it only attacks ground. I concentrate all my forward fire at what looks to be a spore crawler and aim the yamato cannon at the leviathan's face to blind it again. I manage to destroy two spore crawlers and cut of one tentacle before help arrives, only taking minor damage. Two vikings and a wraith come to try to take it down, but something wicked happens. It unleashes a flurry a tentacles at the oncoming allies and takes them down and cuts the hull of my ship. I see mercenaries coming down, doing whatever they can to stop it. A battle crusier coming down, aka, "Jackson's Revenge" fires the cannons and unleashes a yamato blast at the leviathan, and starts to prepare another, but before it can unleashes another one, something happens. I see a high templar coming towards us, like we're the enemies and the leviathan is his pet. He unleashes a vortex sucking me and all of the mercenaries down. I hear people screaming all around me and my head starts to hurt, like it's on fire. We reach the bottem of the vortex so fast, my ship gets destroyed and I break my neck, slipping unconscious.

I wake from being unconscious and find a small base camp with fish cooking over a small fire. Hey, Robert! Over here.
I head over to the base and find Roland, my life long friend, along with a couple of mercenaries. They seem to be chatting and having a bit of fun.
"Where are we?" I ask Roland.
"Why, we're in the vortex"
"Yea. It's been a long day"
I hear sirens wail and mercenaries getting up and moving around, preparing themselves with armor and guns. One takes position on a siege breaker.
"What's happening" I say to Roland.
"Get your gear. We need to defend the onslaught. Imagine it like a video game. They rush at us, we defend. We prepare, then we attack and get out of here, well that's what he says anyways."
"Who's "HE" I ask.
"I dunno, but let's go. We don't have much time."

I'm glad to have Robert back but we have more important business to take care of.
I prepare my hellion and meet Robert and the others in the back line.
"How did you get your hellion back"Robert asks," I saw you crash in that cave"
"I just woke up here in my hellion, full condition and a full tank of gas"
"That's strange. That was the same thing that happened to me"
I hear a high pitch shriek and see what 'HE' was talking about. He said that you'll have to face one of these each wave. It's a strange monster that I've never heard of or seen. There's only the one, so he much be taking this as a game, the longer you're here, the harder it get's(that's what she said. Sorry, Sorry, off topic I know but I couldn't resist:) I head out and throw a flame turret S.M.E.T. pack to soak the damage. He takes the bait and starts slashing at it. I shoot a fire bolt at it and it stuns him. We take the advantage and unleash a hail of lead at it, taking it down. It turns into a black smoke and then nothingness. We cheer for a few moments and head over to the dining hall.
"Roland, prepare yourself and your men. We're heading out"
I turn to see who's talking to me the world seems to stop. Everyone in the dining hall turns around and gawks in awe. The man is Admiral Stukov.
I guess this forum is dead.... oh well. ill conttinue the story
Not quite dead waiting for Nick to post. He is prob busy this weekend and should see him again soon I hope.
yea i dont wanna do this by myself get boring.
my stories might be off topic but you could always ignore them
Understood I have been there before. Try a few other threads to keep yourself entertained.

I finally am able to get back into my armor. It still feels odd missing one of my arms. It make wielding normal rifle harder than before. I remember Jay mentioning something about knowing someone who could replace it. I also told here that I might be able to get her a banshee, gonna have to look into that.
In the mean time I arm myself and leave base to go find Nick. Last I remember he was in a clearing fighting off the local protoss. I dash out of the base and head into the jungle in the direction I last remember where he Jay and Steve were.
Nick uncloaks, and emerges as the hydralisks retreat because of their great losses. He pulls out his Rifle, and begins to pick off the weaker ones.

((Sorry about not posting over the weekend, it was kinda hectic.))

The leader off the now small group of Zerg turns around, and unbeknownst to Nick, launches a group of spines. Nick hardly notices the spines, until the almost feet his head. He manages to doge two of the spines, but one catches him in the shoulder, piercing the armour.

"When is that !@#$%^- scope going to ship in??"
I come into the clearing and hear Nick shouting about a scope.
"Hey don't I owe you a scope -tosses the one Nick gave him when they first met-. Jay and Steve ok?"
"Thanks, Ill get you a shiny new thermal scope later." Nick says as he pulls the spine out of his shoulder.
*Lekroger-"Not worried about it. Hard to fire a good riffle with one arm. Good to see your still alive. Jay and Steve ok?"

*Caleb* A one armed marine has come just after the battle. It appears he knows the zealot warrior. It appears that they don't need our assistance anymore so me and my me will return to base. "Well if either of ya need any help just give us a call."
Osplin Slithered off the battlefield, shamed with his defeat. He would have to report to his queen, who most likely would demote him, or if he was unlucky, the queen would make an example of him, and feed him to the larva.

We prepare to ride out for the night and should make it there during the day. Admiral Stukov said that the earlier you attack them, the less prepared they are. If you wait too long, you'll give them time to build a defense, or make a giant army ready to crush you. We pack up all of out stuff. Two tents, an auto turret with ammunition, four sleeping mats, 1 sleeping bag, a shovel and a metal rod used as a spit. We collect our gear. All we have is my hellion, one siege breaker, five 7.88 Gauss rifles, and Robert's 9 magnum pistol. We have Admiral Stukov's 168 C2 single shot canister rifle, two pairs of infernal gauntlets, a pair of punisher gauntlets, and 6 flash grenades. We have enough ammunition to last us at least 25 minutes of a full onslaught. Admiral Stukov also says he has some special shells in case we run into trouble. We're ready and Stukov gives us five minutes to finish eating, packing up our stuff, and to get ready. We only have one set of armor, but it's so weak, we give it to our weakest guy. It was tough to tell because these guys are mercenaries, so one volunteered to wear it. We can't leave anything behind. Once we're done, we start to head out. We arrive to the zerg base sooner than we expected, at the first break of dawn, but something troubles me. What I thought would be a zerg base isn't one. It's a heavily defended city with guards patrolling the outsides of the city. It's a base floating directly above water with only a bridge that looks like the only way in and out of the city. We're right next to it, just in the outskirts. It's a protoss capitol city.
Sorry about not posting often, Its going to be slow for a week, I have finals. =[
Damn!t!!! I missed all the fun.

New character: Ta'Shar
Race: Protoss/Zealot

Medral walks into the captial city. Master Ta'Shar walks right by him.

"Ta'Shar, thank you for sending in that Warp prism to save me from those terrans." -Medral

"Indeed, but what troubles me is that there is a zerg hive just outside our city. What trouble's me more is that there is a terran force outside our city as well. I think it's a strong idea to ally with the terrans for now." -Ta'Shar

"I stand by my beliefs but for now I must go with your judgement Ta'Shar. Very well, hail me the terran captain. I want a brief word with him."
Just saying guys, one more thread page then you'll have the record for longest RP
Andy, Zerg, Mutant Changeling

Andy was a Changeling experimented on by Dominion Scientists. He has the ability to regrow just about anything lest than a major organ in seconds. He can change his body into a multitude of weapons, and has a large Psi-Index. He has been roaming the Sector, looking for a peaceful place to live. He finally found it. (This is the Cave Madrel went into lol)

IC: I awaken to the sound of footsteps, someone had wandered into my home. I extend my clawed hand, and a sleek purple Scythe materializes. I grip it, and step out to see a Terran running through one of the large caverns. Wings grow from my back and I zoom in front of him.

"Why are you here Terran? Leave now before I kill you for making the mistake of coming into here!"
John, Reaper, Terran
Part of Nick's squad, he started to chase after the Protoss that nearly killed him. In the Caves he got hopelessly lost, until he was confronted by a Zerg.

"Hey, I'm not here to fight you!"

It replies,
"Oh? Then why would you dare come into my home? If I let you leave, then you could bring more Terrans down here to kill me and take my home!"

It was obviously territorial. had to figure out a way to get past it.
"Please, there is a Protoss running around in your home, I'm trying to kill him. He killed many of my friends..."

"ANOTHER! More intruders? Are you sure? Fine, leave here, I will deal with this Protoss..."

He flies down the Caves at a blistering speed, I turn on my Jetpacks and fly back out. I find Nick in the middle of a crowd of Hydralisks. I begin to strafe them with my Jetpack, shooting and dodging spines and swipes.
((Damn it has been a busy week.))

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Just saying guys, one more thread page then you'll have the record for longest RP

*Im on it!*

Nick watches unhappily as blue blood poured from the now open wound in his shoulder.
"LeKroger, you don't happen to have a med kit in that suit, do you?"

Nick was angry. First he had to have a neosteel rod jammed in his back so after his spine had been broken he wouldn't be paralysed, and now This.

At best, he would lose most of his motor control skills in that arm, and he would have to work for weeks before it would fix. The worst case scenario is that it would become infected, and possibly never be able to move his left arm again.

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