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"I might, Left if kinda of a hurry to get back here. *checks all his supplies* Sorry all I found was Bio-foam to seal it up."
"We got a med-kit in the transport" Caleb chimes in. "Its not a full one but it may help."
Osplin slithered across the acid charred underbrush, and as he sped towards his base, he felt, alone.

There was blood everywhere.

That was the first thought that crossed his mind as he arrived at the chunks of his hive. The queen, surrounded by mutilated roaches and zerglings, was torn in half. This was not the work of Protoss, or Terran ranged weapons. this was the work of a hostile Zerg splinter faction. His fellow hyrdalisks looked at the blood-soaked creep, then back at him. He was their leader. he felt no voice in his mind. He was free, but at a heavy cost. He had lost his brood, and he would see that the ones who had done this would suffer greatly.
The Changeling started flying through his caverns. The protoss was nowhere to be found. That terran tricked him... He turned around and flew out of the Cave. He took in the sights around him. Then... something went terribly wrong inside his consciousness.

Blood. Bodies. These made him relive memories that he tried to escape from...

It was on a desert planet, much like this one. His brood was assaulting a terran base. The Changeling was running all over the place, pretending to be a mute Marine that he killed months ago. Nobody ever noticed any difference between him and the Marine. He sent invaluable information to the Hive cluster. When they were getting their first supply drop- the first one in months. They thought the Dominion was abandoning them, until they got the radio message. Whatever he heard, his queen heard. Mutalisks destroyed the ship before it ever came within sight of the Terran base.

The last words from them were "DAMN ZERG" before their feed became static. After that, starvation and riots began. The Changeling was forced to break cover when he was left for dead under a burning support beam. He turned into a liquid, even though his queen said nothing. It was late at night, and he sloshed his way out of the base. The queen was about to lead a frontal assault until... The Changeling offered advice. He had never spoken before, and never even thought of speaking.
"My Queen, the Terrans are fighting with themselves, we can wait until the last of them are at each other's throats, then move in to 'mop up the rest' as they say."

"Underling. Why do you tell me to bide my time when we could out in the midst of battle?"

"My Queen, if we attack now, most of their forces are still operational, we would sustain heavy losses. If we wait, we may not even lose a Zergling to them."

"You bring up a great point Underling, I will wait for your call then..."

That call came in but a few hours later, when all of the Bunkers were burned down, the Factories sabotaged to not produce any ammunition, the Starports were stripped of fuel, and all the armor in the Barracks were stolen. The Mutalisks rolled in first, annihilating most of the marines, the only living squad left was holed up in the barracks. I took my disguise as the mute again, and went in there, calmly. The other Zerg did not think for a second that I was a marine. The others were astonished that I was there.

"How are you alive man?"
"How many freaking Mutalisks are out there?"
"Who took my banana!?"
I turn to the computers, I was never good with those. The cameras showed everything being ripped apart. After the Civilians were all killed, what was left of my squad turned to me.
"I am going to kill every last Zerg I ever see."
"They are never going to see the light of day again!"
"My banana, I will avenge YOU!"

I turn to them, and smile.
"The Zerg will not be killed. It is too late now, for all of you..."

"JOHNSON! You've been able to talk this entire time! Why didn't you tell us!?"

"Because, It would have broken my cover..."
Three purple tentacles extend from my back and impale their guns on the wall. They look at me in confusion.
"The riots, the Supply drop, this base. They all started or ended... Because of me."

I slowly turn back into my Natural form. They have shocked expressions on their faces. Finally one of them recovers.

"Yes I am. Now I just need to finish the job..."
A tentacle slits his throat, two more impale the others.

"We trusted you."

"I trusted my hive."
Then, their lasts thoughts of Betrayal were silenced. Instead of letting the Zerglings eat them, I buried them. I even buried one with a banana.

Months after we took that world, I went back, and saw a mature banana plant where I buried them.

I return to reality. I fly in the direction of the Terran, but fly past a destroyed hive. A Hunter Killer is with a pack of Hydralisks, I swoop down. I land in front of the Hunter Killer.

"What has happened, my fellow Zerg?"
Damn. Finals this week. Can't believe this week ugh. I won't be posting for a while.

The hunter killer began crying.
Dead Guy's banana is the Dead Guy's banana...
(Considering joining, but can't find the classes and such from earlier threads.)
Pepperspray, I can help.

Choose a unit, your name, and a backstory. You seem to have proper grammar (Always a good thing, helps people understand your RPing.).
D: I have missed so much. Also Vultureling who inherited And It All Comes Falling Down...?
IC: "Damnit, the Protoss got away." I yell nearly causing the cave to collapse on top of me. I leave the cave, and see a changeling hoping it didn't see me and I get out. "That changeling would be dead if it wasn't one of the dominions Experiments," I think to myself. I see a Hunter Killer and a pack of Hydralisks. "Not you again." I sigh.
Sorry guys, I wont be able to post until Wendsday or later, finals are a Biznatch. =[

IC: Osplin looked at the trails of blood and gore. He could track the wounded Zerg by smell, and see to it that they pay for what they did. He would make their queen suffer, as his own had.
I fly down to the pack of Hydralisks, and land at their leader.

"My fellow Zerg, what has happened here?"
I aim my shotgun up at the Hunter Killer, "Stay back or I'll blast your bottom jaw off again!" I yell at the Hunter Killer.
OOC: Nick to me this is your Hunter Killer, and probably HowsBaby too.
I look at the Terran.
"You don't want to do that..."
I take flight. Circling above the Terran, ready to strike whenever he makes a move torwards my bretheren.
///John the Reaper///

I fly off torwards Nick and his group. Then I see the thing again. It flew ahead of me, and was circling one of Nick's squadmates...
"Damn. What does this thing want with us?"
"Changeling, I know you are a experiment of the Dominions, you are a Zerg with free will now. So basically you are a rouge Zerg experiment." I explain to the Changeling which knows what I said is true.
"Oh no. I was blessed by my queen. After my actions in the heat of battle, I was rewarded my freedom. You know nothing of me. Now. Put down your weapon or I kill you."
I lower it but am still tense and leave the cave. When I get out of the cave I climb up on top of it and plant a C4 charge. I run about 2 miles away from the cave and blow it up, causing it to collapse.
I let out a high pitched scream.
I swoop down, and slash part of his shoulder, leaving three red jagged marks.
I stab him in the leg in my second pass.
I pull up my shotgun with my Right arm and shoot the Changeling in the head. I knew that wouldn't kill him, but at least he would be slowed down because he would need to heal his head. I run for my life, "I got to get out of here!"
As my body spasms and bubbles, my limbs flail and around a minute later, I stand up, looking angry and threatening.
"TERRAN!" My voice booms over the wasteland.
I shout some more unpleasant things at the sand and random plantlife.
I finally calm down and return to the pack of Hydralisks.
"My home... I will help you avenge your home as well. First we must find who did this..."

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