This Is a Zergling and Zealot Thread #8 (RP)

Joeyray's Bar
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I run into a bar as I hear the Changeling yells in frustration.
OOC: Everybody's forgotten the bar
///John the Reaper///

I fly in with the guy who blew up the thing's home.
"Dude, you really pissed that thing off. I was following that Protoss guy when I ran into him! Freaky thing eh?"
"I was following a Protoss too," as the Reaper comes by I grab my glass out of the air where it was floating. I knew I couldn't let anyone see me using Psionic Powers, or the Dominion would take me into the Ghost Program faster than I could say 'Gotta go.'
"Yeah. Why did you collapse the cave? It probably just served to piss that thing off and keep us from finding that Protoss..."
Name: Fliberto
Base Unit: Roach
some Info: an elite roach that will fight anything in order to win and in dire situation will use his "elite" skill to increase his survivability

*gets dropped by overlord and starts killing the zealots in the front line of the auir besiege and shows the power of the swarm*
"I collapsed the cave because the Protoss got away through a Warp Gate,"I state to the Reaper, " as for the Changeling I am sorry, but every Zerg I have met is a murderer."
"Let me explain to you a time when a Changeling got an entire base destroyed..."

OOC: It's going to be your story from a different perspective, and it will be in my next post don't got enough time.
///John the Reaper///
"So that's what it was. A Changeling... He can talk flawlessly in our language. I've never heard of a Zerg doing that..."
"I was working at a desert planet, a squad of marines went out only one returned, a week later. I was sure he was a Changeling. Everybody said I was jealous of him, and to ease up on him, I started to think he was the actual marine after a few months of him being there. Then the Zerg attacked our supplies and my suspicions resurfaced, then people started calling me crazy. I was nearly killed when the Zerg attacked, I was weak from the weeks with little food. I only survived because after the Zerglings attacked me because I hid under a bunch of fallen metal. I stayed there until the Zerg left, I saw a marine go into the Barracks, a Changeling came out and the Zerg left after. I would have died right there if there wasn't a working Wraith, sure it was pretty damaged but it still could fly." As I finish the story I feel like I needed another drink, "Joey get me two bottles of whiskey please."
OOC: Plasma, the Marine was a mute, so the Changeling turned into him.
fixed, I hope that didn't sound as if I was a dog who got nudered
///John the Reaper///
"Well. You just made a mortal enemy of probably one of the most dangerous creatures on this planet."
I look at my drink.
"Snakes, spiders, even the larger wildlife, all pale in comparison compared to the Changeling. Not only is it more powerful, but it has something none of the other creatures do. Intelligence.
12/22/2011 10:59 PMPosted by HowBabysRBrn
Snakes, spiders, even the larger wildlife, all pale in comparison compared to the Changeling. Not only is it more powerful, but it has something none of the other creatures do. Intelligence

Dun dun dun.....
"How do you know this? Are you the Changeling?!" I pull out a small knife and get ready to cut his throat.
OOC: You shouldn't have said something about the Changeling being different.
"Anything that can speak flawless english without copying anything must be pretty intelligent."
"You were not close enough to hear it when it tried to kill me. Otherwise I would've noticed you."
"I was following the protoss remember? That cave was it's home. It was calling me an intruder and that it would kill me for coming into it's home. It hadn't noticed the Protoss yet, and it was about to kill me. I told it that I was going after the Protoss, and it flew off. Then I flew back here and followed you."
"fine," I put my knife away. I continue drinking.

OOC: I have a very damaged wraith that I need credits to fix up to make it be able to work again XD
Vultureling returns to the Bar, insane as usual. Things had gone downhill when Ebon had tried to kill him AGAIN...
"Hello who are you," I ask the newcomer. I am almost finished my first bottle of whiskey.
I see the smile on the new guy's face.

"Dude. Whoever he is, he ain't sane."
From my Reaper training, I knew the signs for about just any form of Insanity, mental unstability, or other mental "defections." Unfortunately during that training I began to embrace my classmate's feelings, it's been a while since I suppressed them, but I knew I could go crazy at nearly any time...

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