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I jump out of the way as a new volley of spines fly at me I jump out of the way but one impales my foot, "Well that's going to hurt my mobility." I start firing a bunch of little psi orbs.
"Nice shot. How is the shoulder holding up?"
Who was that to?
OOC: Nick. He is the one my char is with atm.
The orbs seem to give me a little jolt backwards, but don't do that much damage...
I look at my arm, and see the tips of two dozen spines. I fire them at the Terran, if I can pin him to the ground this battle would be easily won.
Just before the spines hit me I yell and a psionic explosion with me centered in the middle of it destroying the spines and sends the changeling hurtling backwards away from me.
I fly into some sort of plant, it stabs me (cactus). I push myself off of it, and take flight. as I get closer to the Terran, I turn into a pool of liquid that envelops him. I begin to make a rotating cylinder of liquid around him. One of my spines, in the ground, barely touches the wall of purple liquid.

It disappears, shattered by the force of the rotation.

I begin to close the walls around the Terran.
The lack of air kept me from doing the wave again, and I fall unconscious in the liquid changeling.

I regain my natural form, and look at my prey. He deserves to die on this spot. But... I will torture him a little more. I will show him why to never destroy a Zerg's Home...
I carry his limp body back to Osplin and his pack.
I create a pole of liquid, then harden it. I impale his hands and feet on it. (I just crucified you) He winces in pain, but then goes limp. He still breathes. I rotate the pole to see the Hive, he will see the Onslaught and what would be the second time I destroyed a base...
"Brother, Shall we finish them? I can take out their heavy creatures with ease, await the signal from the Pole the terran if fixed to, to begin your attack."
I morph into a Zergling and sneak into the base. I run past the queen, who is guarding some eggs on the Hive. I run behind the Ultralisk Cavern, the Hydralisk Den, and the Spawning pool. The Queen placed the Hive cluster so scarcely apart it would be hard to find a good spot for sabotage... I start with Her army. I jump on the back of an Ultralisk. I run to it's neck, and with a swift stab from my special hardened liquid, decapitate it. I turn into a liquid the color of creep, so none of the others notice me. I move under the mass of hydralisks and impale them. By now the queen had taken notice that there was an intruder, but she was too late. Back by Osplin the Pole made a low growling sound signaling the assault had begun. I Materalize behind the queen.

"You made a grave mistake destroying the other hive, queen..."
She spins around, hisses, then speaks.
"You will die for your treachery!"

"One blessed by the Queen of Blades cannot fall to the likes of you..."
I turn into a liquid as she begins to stab me, the harden myself around everything but her head. I wanted her to see her Hive destroyed.
"Now... You will watch your own hive murdered and severed..."

"NO! You cannot do this to me! No! You alone cannot kill us all!"

"I'm not alone..."
After awaking from the heavy pain in my hands and feet I send out a large psionic blast, severely burning the Zerg who were unlucky enough to be near by. The items piercing my hands and feet liquefied. I run into the Zerg hive ignoring the Zerg trying to kill me and I plunge right at the Hive. "Changeling I shall end you!" I fire a large psionic blast at the incoming Zerg creatures. "I am gifted with Psionic abilities, to use them to destroy my enemies! Changeling I have lived through a Zerg onslaught before. I survived with no food for several days as our supplies ran short, and the one who all the others trusted I knew was the bringer of our demise. I shall end all the Zerg on the planet if it's the last thing I ever do!"
"Hmm. That Terran has escaped and now he is destroying your hive... I would be grateful if he hadn't blown up my cavern..."

"What are you talking about now?"

"Oh shut up and watch your hive die."
I destroy much of the Zerg hive cluster looking for the Changeling and I look back at the Hive and see the motionless queen. "Ah, so this is not your hive Changeling, well I came here to do a job, and when I am finished you shall taste my wrath." I keep destroying the Hive clusters buildings until there's nothing left.
A chuckle sounds from behind the Terran, and I appear from the ground.
"No, this isn't my hive. Mine was deserted long ago. Why else would I reside in my cave?"
He turns around and prepares a psionic blast, but I seemingly fall into the creep.
"You cannot kill me terran. All you can do is run, and when I catch up to you, you will taste MY wrath, with some of your blood, BUT MOSTLY WRATH!"
Spikes shoot up from the creep.
I dodge the spike narrowly, "Zerg are unintelligent creatures, mainly." I shrug. I kill the queen and flee to a nearby town.
Osplin fires spine after spine at the Terran.



Three of the spines hit the Terran in the back, and one more servers his tendons in his left leg, rendering useless. he is now slowed to a walk, all the while screaming in agony.


Nick fires round after round at the changling, splattering the ooze he turns himself into against walls, over and over and over. Realising this is almost usless. He takes out his psi knife.

"I shall deal with you, changeling."

He spat the words at the changling with hatred, as one might say "I will put you down like the dog you are."

OOC: I hope Jay gets back into this.
Hmph, another Terran. Luckily... He had stepped onto my domain. On the creep no one could tell where I was. It rendered me invincible, but only until they stepped off it.

I sped towards the other Terran in my liquid state. I erupt underneath him and form my upper torso above the creep.
"It was foolish to attack me Terran. This was our siege until you three came along... I wish I could let you run... but sadly that cannot happen anymore..."
I 'fall' back into the creep, and resume jabbing spike after spike at the Terran.
Nick moved quickly, arranging the psi knife so that it obliterated the spines as they arched towards him, but two hit him in his leg. He jabbed it into the changeling in its liquid state, vaporizing that section of him..
...I think we are at a misunderstanding... I am under you making spikes shoot out of the ground... Whatever...

IC: I reform, and notice that part of my chest, where the Terran heart would be located, was gone.
"Interesting weapon, terran. Let's see just what it does against me now that I know what it is..."
I turn my arm into a blade, then lunge at him, a series of jabbing occurs. Tender tissue refills the area vaporized by his blade. He strikes from the left, and I open myself up and his arm goes through the space. I close by body around his fist and his knife.

This just got personal.
"Do you really think that that psi knife is my only weapon?"

He smirks, coughing up blood, as the area around both of his hands erupts into two three foot blades of energy, and tear part of the changeling apart.

"NOW YOU DIE!!!!" Hes screams with a unmatched battlefury as he now slices at everything around him. Sprays of blood fill the air as nearby Zerg structures are obliterated from the collateral damage. Adrenaline surges through Nicks body, making him feel know pain, and making him tireless. Pulses of energy ripple through the air, disorienting any creatures nearby.
I leap back, this terran had many tricks up his sleeve. but I also had one. The last gift from Kerrigan before I started my life in solitude.

Black psionic energy pulses around me, destroying the ground around me. With a flick of my wrist a large Black Scythe comes out of my palm. The blade was lightweight bone reinforced with vibrating cells designed to cut through any surface. there was a blade on the opposite end of the gripping section to counterbalance the Scythe and to provide a better mean of jabbing.

I allow my psionics to flow into the Scythe, then charge at the Terran. Our blades meet, if I didn't overlap my blades with psionics, my Scythe would be in half right now.

We force each other to jump back. I could already see him faltering. Neither of us could maintain this state for too long... I either had to wait out his rage and heal completely, or risk more damage but possibly killing him now.
I decide to retreat and recover. There was no telling how many Terrans were behind this one, and how many were after the next one. I use the creep to propel myself at speeds nearly impossible by any creature, while spreading my liquid around the structures. I land at the far end of the Hive cluster and study my handiwork. Spikes shoot out of the ground, annihilating the rest of the enemy zerg. I begin to fly to what remained of my former home. I could only hope that most of the inside was still intact.

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