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Couldent find one so i made one.... >_>

Now that im level 100, what can i do (nothing.) was wondering if he could add a minerals into the game, and item drops?
For example, the lurkers in the game can give you 10 minerals per kill, and theres a shop ( merc compound or somthing) with an item for 1000 minerals thats boosts attack speed by 30% and so on. I think this would work well as another feature for the game, it would get more people intrested in it so that the only ob jective in the game is to cap 100 and wait for further updates. And now that hero has nerfed patroll, i think it will work even better.

And maybe the bosses in the game can drop uber rare items?

Perhaps the reason of this thread was unclear, "Dragon RPG Suggestions/Questions [Unofficial]"
There was no section for slamming the creator of the game or the game in general, he posted, you played it. If you didnt like it, dont paly it again, dont mess with MY thread.
Perhaps you can enlighten me as to how you managed to grind 100 levels.

Is there another way to spend your points beyond the fireball and fire claws? If so, how?

What is needed to see the invisible units?

I was playing with a friend, and we were bored enough to auto attack 17 levels over the course of an hour. No shop, no items, no friendly NPCs, the Queen boss at L10 giving you a (useless) buff that leads to an area which isn't even complete. The "tri boss" with the high templar, zealot, and DT all being unkillable with 0/0 health.

We were convinced we were missing something blindingly obvious.. a shop, something? We searched the map all over for a "third eye" (assuming it is a third eye). Was the game glitched? What did we miss? The game became utterly unplayable.
The game mode would be alot better with some sort of shop and you need to fix the bosses there glitched bad
How did this even get popular, and good maps like Battlefield Egypt II (Practically lagless TPS), WW2 Diplo, and Malum Ruina (The Thing) remain unknown?
Why is this map in 5 spots in top 10? It's badly glitched and unpleasant (can't get past 2nd boss). It's also very incomplete.
I agree. im not sure why this game got so popular. I got to high levels by just queuing attack moves all over the minimap and going afk. Boss fights consist of attack move, theres 2 spells in the entire game, one is an autocast.

I don't understand why it got up so high, everyone is exactly the same, just maybe slightly different stats. There used to be an RPG that was really well built near release, it had a huge world that was similar to WoW's world on a smaller scale, raid bosses, different classes, unique item drops etc. It disapeared off the face of the custom games list, I couldnt even find it 8 pages in.

This is the problem with blizzard's custom game system. Good maps get buried, simple boring ones get shoved into your face.
When's the map maker going to fix the 2nd boss - no one can get the seeing eye now - this is stupid.
The "tri boss" glitch has been fixed! We can get the third eye now.
the tri boss is still glitched, all of them have 0/0 hp
Uh, how do you get the third eye?
Fix the third eye glitch or remove the map please
Works fine for me. :o
bosses no longer giltch and guys game is till in alpha but its a good i idea and i thank the guy for makeing it.. oh and u get the allseeing eye when u kill the 3 gods...........
you need to finish the map asap... Also make the game harder right now it is was to easy because i am lvl 100 i can solo every boss in the game
How log will it take to update? The idea of the game is very cool... but needs updates. Fast! Or else people will never play it.... the shops and npc's characters are good idea... and we need a bigger map too... And 1 more thing, please fix the stats upgrades. Strenght does not give u armor anymore... 1 point in dex gives u -0,99 armor... i didnt understand the time scale thing when u get agility points either.... please!! be fast with the updates and bugs fixing!!
This also goes to everyone that says the Tri-Boss is glitched. It is not. The reason why they have no health bars and can't be hurt is because you can't hurt them as a baby dragon. Grind up to level 25 to become a teen dragon and then you can actually damage them. I was able to take all 3 out at around level 27 after re-assigning my skill point. One cast constant psy storms, so i suggest you take him out first, if you hit the blue one with a flame egg he will run away and allow you to solo the red guy, who is straight melee. The game is not glitched, just a lot of trial and error. I applaud the maker of this map it is fun and entertaining. It still needs a lot of work. But I can not wait to see it when it is done.

Edit: Reloaded the map today to play i little more, He has updated the map with a new boss in the infection area, but armor is broken. Mine is stuck at 1 so everything is now hitting me for max damage, not a game changer but it is annoying cause I'm not staying alive as long.
just a thought, +10 dmg per unit upgrade (from baby to teen to adult to etc etc) isn't enough. Maybe each one adds the following: +100 life, +10 damage, +1 armor, -.05 speed.
Please, some 1 get the strengt armor fixed! Its anoying as hell!!!!!! Need a bunch of life and cant kill anything! lol....

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