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Map needs more bosses and mobs to level off. It's a horrible grind at 40+
New update added weapons and armor and seems to be causing some confusion. When you load in now you have nothing equipped and you have 3 new buttons above the command card near your friends list. One is your bag and the other 2 are your weapon and armor slot. To be able to attack you need to equip your basic claws from your bag.

So far there are 3 armors, none of which seem to actually work. The basic armor gives +1 armor and is dropped by one of the things in the first area. Then there's cloth armor dropped by the bird things in the 2nd and 3rd area it gives +1 armor +1 speed. And the last armor is the stone armor dropped by zealots that gives +2 armor -1 speed.

There are also now armor and weapon shops that do nothing yet and going into lava will destroy all armor in your bags and equipped, thankfully at least your weapon survives.

Also as far as suggestions I think earth and water abilities should be added for tank and healer dragon styles respectively. stone could give some damage reduction/absorbtion abilities while water would have heals and maybe some attack buffs that require lots of investment in that element.
The atack damage for all dragons is the same again (10)... And strenght armor upgrade is bugged too... The new areas are not avaluable yet too....
Seriously guys the game is still in beta and is incomplete of course its going to contain bugs and after those are fixed there will probably be new ones after that (that may result in fixing old bugs) Plus the guys got to tackle the Bank Hack that people were getting into....
Im not saying this to his defence and he shouldnt have published this game full on so early but and update it so many times over the littlest of things or published the game 5 times.... but hes not the first either (not pointing fingers) but think of it this way try making a map and working the data editor.. ull see it takes time and a lot of it.. Hes made quite some progress too...
I Also forgot to address the fact that you need to redo your stats everytime you join a game....
As being a level 100 i can personaly vouch how much of a pain in the (---) it is to set it everytime you want to play. plus like said before hopefully when the full product of the game is done a storyline will be implemented along with a continuation of things for a lvl 100 to do....
There are minerals blocking the path to the tri-boss gods....

Also, I'm level 22 and still a baby dragon. There is no information on how you increase your dragon level.

So I can't get the third eye because I didn't know you had to be an 'adult dragon' even to attempt to kill them. I got one of them as baby dragon. Cannot get to the other two because they're melee.

No dragon leveling.
No third eye.
No point in playing anymore.

Maybe later if/when its fixed.
They are working on the fix, these things take time.

and as far as the triboss goes, you have to be level 25 to kill them, which is teen dragon. then again at level 50 you become an adult dragon. If you die in the tri boss fight, you will not be able to get back in. Unless you leave the map and come back in.
Ok, now I up'd. Level 30, 2nd level dragon.
It's simple, don't fight the guardians until everyone is there so they're not blocked out of the fight, those crystals only spawn once the statue is destroyed. Not that it's a very hard fight anyway. I soloed them at level 12 with 2 other people outside the arena, one of the ones outside was a teen so that's probably why they could die.

Also and unless it changed it's every 25 levels that you get a form change, not that it does much yet, and you want to be careful because when I went from teen to adult at least it nuked my inventory so I couldn't even attack.
He needs to revamp this game. There needs to be different roles, not just dragon. Im lvl 100 and I wouldnt mind a reset if it was actually fun. Now when I play I take my dragon and follow some low levels to level them.
Yeah, need some multi-classing going on.

Healer dragon
Fire dragon
Water dragon
Stone dragon
Sun dragon
Moon dragon
Storm dragon

Does he have a website?
I don't get why the map is even published yet- it's clearly in alpha phase and, while having lots of potential, is not quite there yet in features.

As far as those wondering why this work in progress gets so much playtime- it plays to the same addiction of getting more powerful and fighting more powerful people that many, many games do, and it does it well. For me, it felt like it doesn't hold you back- you can rock the "level 20+" areas at level 10, and it makes you feel like there are faster and slower ways of getting stronger. Also, it's not overly complicated, allowing quick and easy pick up/understanding- hopefully he doesn't change this!
That edit is mostly aimed towards you Nightsbane, stop flooding my thread with hate spam.
In the hopes that the creator actually reads this thread and to maybe have the... detractors of the game provide some more useful feedback, What do the rest of you think should be the priority for after weapons/armor are in?

I personally think more abilities should be added first to not only give int some use but add replayability to what we have so far by adding more playstyles.

Off the top of my head we could have;

earth for tanks
water for healers
fire for burst dps?
ice for slows/CC
lightning for line aoes/stuns
poison/acid for DoTs and maybe an armor debuff

After that I'd say you have a solid base to add more areas and enemies to and maybe add npcs to give quests or give background info or guidance.

As far as things you could add once the core game is complete I think PvP would be the most logical addition. Add some sort of dungeon you can teleport to where you can fight other dragons so there's no griefing.

Another idea would be a teleport to a stadium type area where you fight waves of stronger and stronger enemies and see how long you can last (balanced around max level dragons).

Of course I'm not sure how much map space you actually have to work with so maybe those later ideas wouldn't be possible all in one map.
Right after i killed the leviathan boss in infection, something killed me even though i saw no enemies I do have the seeing eye. Also, my armor started to increase, or at least the debuff started to go away slowly. If anybody could explain this, it would be great

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