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To the creator of the game. I would greatly appreciate if you fixed the bugs. It seems whoever is in the first slot is always reset to level 1 while the other slots keep thier levels. Not to mention that only the first slot can activate main quests and if whoever is in that slot leaves during the game it becomes glitched and people have to leave to restart it.
played for the second time starting from scratch, upgrades were saved automatically, but after killing the statue and the 3 protoss, it didnt give me the sword, then when trying to sell health potions, it actually took minerals off, instead of adding.
minerals are so hard to earn, i think the prices for the upgrades are ridiculous high.
I really like the game i have some good ideas that will make the game better 1 fix the bugs 2 i think once u get to a certain level you should be able to turn into diffrent types of dragon diffrent colors abilitys and more 3 there should be more bosses and more areas 4 u should make more links to new maps like you did with the creep area 5 add more cool units abilitys weapons and make it really hard 6 make more adventure and quests add some cool stuff u can buy like rainbow colored skin if you like this idea give it a lot of thumbs up and mabey hero the maker of the map will add these ideas ; )
is hero dead
what happend to hero is he still making maps?
03/09/2012 08:57 PMPosted by Ask
In fact, this would be a good game if even half of the stuff in it worked

^true story that, I stopped playing because i'm always at level 1 again when I start it. If it ever gets fixed someone let me know.
I Bet He Dosnt even read his forms
he remade its called dragon quest he fixed some bugs but the game is still dull and gets boring fast he needs more misc items and attack speed items more bosses the levi is to weak and the bosses should have great drops like Attack items speed items trinkits misc the game also should be done with a team hero should make more options for the player like u can get certain rare items that change your look and items that changes the type of dragon u are like ice Crystal or Earth Stone Fire Jewel Water Drop so u can customize what u want to be more each dragon should have different abilities the terrain isn't very well done its to dull add more color i think that there should be more towns and some protoss camps that are on ur side I really like the game but these are things i think would make the game better please thubs up if you think this should be in the next update
i think the vampire ability is broke it seems like it hurts me .
hmmm i see that dragon rpg is called dragon quest rpg...
what is the quest and i like how it set like mins but i would prefer to have more items like attack speed and movement speed i was thinking that we could make talents to reset.
I was playing dragon quest rpg but i can't even heal my self like i could heal when i hit monsters i could heal automatically but sometimes i can't and i can't even use potion...
I was also upset about i started dragon quest rpg on June 2nd nd i got lv. 74 on yesterday morning...after i was going to play again cuz i liked it by the way i was lev 74 and cuz of bug, i went to lev 1 back... what do i have to do?? i was soooooo upset about it can we recover our lev... i played it for 12 hrs to get lv 74... and now i have to do it again i don't feel like im playing a game if i have to start all over.
I know HERO could fix this bug asap plz...

thank you for making game
this was real happened.
it does not allow u to go to end area so u can't even finish the game
Sham that rpg game that was out was called legends open rpg. I was disappointed when I couldn't find it either... Also how do you see the invisible guys?
I'm a level 41 and as soon as i got health armor which you gain through talents. All of a sudden my lif gets subtracted at an alarming rate. I cant even survive a surround in the level 1 area. It's something wrong with it. My armor says 0.5(+7) but the thing is, none of it works now and i take full damage from everything.
Is there anyone who knows his Email?
i have the same problem, when i go to auto attack something its like i take my own life away. i hit a sheep and i lose 250 hp cuz i do 250 dmg >.<, really stupid it only seems to happen when i enter the invisible units, or the infestation area. :/ any ideas?
Hey guys. Thanks for the update, I had no idea about the level reset for the first player. Can you tell me more about what happens and where and when. What player slot, ect... it would make it a lot easier to trouble shoot. Thanks.

your forum is locked so only admins can post, so you're not gonna get any suggestions.

Please fix the biodome port. It does not work.

Please fix vamp, it does not work.

Reset talents does not work.

selling potions takes away money, please fix.

Please fix drops so that MEDIUM and LARGE orbs drop.

Please fix the NPC's so we can get quest items and familiars.

Please fix this soon, there are tons of people willing to help you if you offered an e-mail or fixed your forum.

THANK YOU For fixing the retarded war machines, it's appreciated.

The game will get much better with more epic legendary items as well, and much more bosses. also the music for the first boss is broken once u get to lvl 50

Dragons after lvl 50 are extremely dull. There's no splash damage, there's no HP increase (and there should be...) or natural armor increase, or hp regen increase. There's no spells after lvl 25, it's only 4 spells. I have +40 spell levels to distribute but no other spells to add. Increase the amount of spells you can do to make having an int hero more desirable, like ice attacks, or lightning.
Why doe smy mystical armor not do anything, and why is leveling up so hard. Cant go higher than 2 T.T
can someone help me?
my dragon was level 41 and my attributes were about 210 ish and now all of a sudden i went on it and i'm back to level 25 with 125 points.
what happened?!
can i get my score back?

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