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12/01/2011 02:53 PMPosted by EditorNChimp
Thank you for formulating this attempt to compromise. I dont think Blizzard is obligated to agree to this, but I do like the peaceful way of reaching out to them.

Blizzard, please let us know!
please c:
You get a +1 faster than a Protoss.
this is ridiculous. its a video game! Jesus, its just your username, why the hell should we have to PAY for something like that? Blizzard's probably the greediest company on the planet. As if they dont make enough money from the 10 million people playing WoW, paying monthly AND buying all their expansion packs
yes pleasee
And I'm like Yes!
I would love to have another name change it would please me greatly.

+1 Great thread and great idea. Blue has the resources of a small country, if they refuse to acknowledge our request for this they definitely have a reason, probably one that can simply be attributed to some market research saying in the long run they will make more money if they don't do this.
you may get it changed(your name) for free if you email blizz
I don't need a name change anymore since the first free one, but I give this thread a wholehearted +1.
thumbs up

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