Dreams of a better tomarrow

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This is a biography of a man who belieives a better tomarrow will come:

Name: Hector Simmons
Race: Terran
Age: 22
Rank: Corporal
Alignment: Raynor’s Raiders, Umojan Protectorate (formerly)

A former citizen of Umoja, Hector was raised by a loving family and had a strong relationship with his older brother, Adam. Their parents taught them the values of selflessness, compassion and good to people as a whole. They wanted them to grow up to have careers that would help the people of Umoja. But when he and his brother learned about the cruelty of the Confederacy when the news of the nuking of Korhal reached the public, their paths changed.

Adam had deiced that when he was old enough, he would join the Sons of Korhal. Their parents were uneasy about his decision because they didn’t believe in taking lives. Adam said that he didn’t want to sit around and do nothing when so many people who he may never know were dying. In 2494, Adam signed up and was shipped to the ranks of the Sons of Korhal.

Hector felt very worried for his brother over the years when he was struggling with his last years of school. In 2498, against the will of his parents, Hector ran away and signed up for the S.O.K. He was found out to be only 16 years old after he was shipped off world but they allowed him to stay because they needed any hand they could get. Working as an engineer for his first year of service, he was promoted to Marine afterward.

He reunited with his brother on Antiga Prime when the Confederate blockade kept the S.O.K. from leaving the planet. Hector told Adam that he was the reason that he joined because he believed they needed to act now if they were to free the human race from the clutches of Tyranny. Once they escaped, the assault on Tarsonis commenced but they heard that Mangsk deployed the Psi-emitter and that the Zerg would come and kill every man women and child on the planet. When the Protoss arrived, Adam’s unit was ordered to fly down to New Gettysburg to hold them off. Hector told Adam not to go because they were letting millions of people die by stopping the Protoss onslaught of the Zerg. Adam told him if he didn’t follow his orders he’d be a traitor. But before he was shipped out, he told Hector to promise that he would continue to fight for what he believed was right. Hector promised.

Hector then fell into deep despair when he learned that Mangsk left the soldiers in New Gettysburg to die including his brother. In the confusion that followed, he joined Raynor as they made their escape with the Hyperion.

From then on, Hector followed Raynor’s Raiders through all the adventures, from the fall of Auir, to the brood war and the revolution to the second invasion of Char as a marine on the frontlines. Through all the hell and agony he experienced, he keeps his brother’s promise to fight until the Koprulu is free from the tyrannical powers and the onslaught of the zerg and a better tomorrow dawns on the horizon.

Anyone else want to create a story about the persut of a better tomarrow?
one day bus the leviathan was having a nice chat with greyhound, his buddy, when a protoss mothership warped in next to them. they ate it for lunch but there were a lot of templar on board and so they both got stomachaches and greyhound died. ever since that day, bus has sworn to avenge his fallen cousin by killing as many protoss as he can until there are none left to kill. it doesn't help that in a moment of weakness he ate greyhound.

(oh and its me hellspork with a name change :D)

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