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During early game
1: Nexus
2: Probe

During mid-game to Late-game
1: Probe
2: Gateways
3: "Ability" Units (Templars, mothership, etc)
3 or 4: Army
5 or 6: Raiding/Harrasing/Sneak-attack Forces
7-0: I usually never use these. Maybe sometimes for Robotics or Star Gate but not much.
For me it differs upon races, typically I play Terran unless playing in 4v4s with my friends then I will play Random just to have fun. But generally all my races tend to have the same use for my #s 1 and 2 control groups. For all #2 is always the main upgrade structure whether its forges, evo chambers or e-bays, I set them to #2 unless for Terran I go mech heavy then #2 becomes my Armories and air for Protoss, #2 becomes my cy cores. All #1s are my main bases with the expansion bases for easy mule drops and chronos boosts. When I play Zerg, I generally skip around and make 1 my main 3 my natural and 5+ any additional bases, if my hatches are in close range, I will set 2 or 3 to the same control group. #4 will always be my main army and #9 or #0 are typically my "specialist" units such as like Vikings for scouting, Observers, ghosts, any unit I make for a specific purpose but don't generally use in my main army. I also recently switched my hotkeys from normal to grid but switching out the A and T keys so I can still use A to attack move instead of T since its in the spot for the attack command button.
1 - Main army, infantry. Units with little to no micro.
2 - Elements of army (not included from group 1) such of as seige tanks or medivacs, that should be moved and micro'd seperately. (A-moving with infantry+vacs will have the vacs fly over things and get them seperated, of course. Tanks should move behind stuff+plant, etc)
3 - All unit producing structures save for the Cc or nexus, will tab through for different types. Sometimes I'll use 3 for additional units not in group one or two. Like if I have infantry, medivacs, and tanks, I'll have tanks be group 3, so that they receive the order to move after the other two, and tend to stay in back protected. If that's the case then production structures go to 4, and the stuff on 4 goes to 5.
4 - all nexus, or orbital command

Often with Zerg I'll use 2 or 3 or later 3, 4, and 5 for various Queens at various bases, depending on what unit types I'm using and how many. Of course I still manage to suck with injections and never having enough larvae mid-to-late game >_>
I used to use 0 and 9 for things like my main base, but since my right hand is on the mouse I realized that the keys over there are a tad inconvenient
for all races I use 3 for air units (or observers)

as zerg: 1 is zerglings, 2 is banelings, 3 is mutas vs T
if I'm using roach/zerglings I either put roaches or lings on 1 or 2, I switch a lot.
I have trouble using only 3 control groups when I get the infestor/brood lord/corruptor/zerglign army, but I'm too used to my setup to change it.
4 is all hatcheries 5 is main queen 6 is natural queen, etc 0 is evo chambers sometimes

Terran: 1 = marines/marauders or hellions depending on if I'm going mech or bio. 2 is tanks, 3 is vikings/banshees/raven. I don't hatkey medivacs. 4 is all CCs, 5 is baracks, 6 is fabrik, 7 is starport, 0 is armories/ebay

Protoss: 1 is A-move army(zealots, stalkers, archons, colossi, immortals) plus sentries. 2is high templar. 3 is observer and/or air units. 4 is nexususeuseseus, 5 is gates, 6 is robos, 7 is stargates.

scouting workers are always on 2.
I totally failed to mention, my #3 for Terran is all my barracks and #5 or #6 are usually all my factories and starports :D
I play with the grid system of hotkeys, left side of keyboard. I find putting all of my most important control groups in 1-5 where I can reach them fastest. 7-10 usually go unused....
1-4 army, 5-7 buildings, 8-0 additional nexus, cuz it makes you look pro as hell.
1- Barrackses
2- Factories
3- Starports
4- Main
5- Natural
6- Third+other expansions
7- Main army

Still refining my use of the 3rd expansion key, and stuff like e-bays and forges. Also my control groups as zerg could stand some adjustment for queens, but that's the gist of it.
1 - early game scouting probe, then becomes group for zealot/sentry/immo
2 - stalkers/Void rays/phoenix
3 - collosi/HT
4 - nexus (all nexus)
5 - early game warp gates/ soon as i get robo, its for robo
6 - stargate
7 - current tech building for fast chrono (robo bay, twilight, templar arch)
8 - observers or DT
9 - all forges
0 - empty

usually when I have void rays out i keep them in group 2 and keep my stalkers in group 1 just so my stalkers aren't moving across the map unknowingly :D I only keep warpgates on hotkey 5 if i'm 4 gating, or if I haven't got a robo yet, just to quicky switch them to warpgates. Soon as Robo goes down, it becomes 5
1 Marines/Mobile unit
2 Tanks/Immobile units
3 Drops/Ghosts/Ravens
4 Production (I find that tabbing is just easier than a different hotkey for each set of buildings)
5 Command Centers
6 Upgrades

Control groups are so much fun.
1) Nexus/CC/Hatch
2) All production buildings (tab through different ones) or queens
3) Scouting
4) main army
7-0 whatever


I wish that the wheel on my mouse could scroll through control groups rather than zoom in and out. it would make control groups 9001 times better. And people would probably make more use of 7-0 keys (from the looks of it so far).
Here's my setup:

1 - main army
2 - casters
3 - Warp Gates / Hatcheries / Barracks
4 - Robotics Facilities / Queens / Factories
5 - Stargates / Starports
6 - unused; too difficult to reach
7 - Forges / Evolution Chambers / Engineering Bays
8 - Observer
9 - Observer
0 - Nexii / Main Hatchery, Lair, or Hive / Command Centers
1.probes until 10/10 supply use chrono boost on last pair to warp in
3.4 gateways
Race - Protoss
Group 1-3 for army

1 for slow units like slow zealots/sentries/Immortals
2 for Stalkers
3 for obs


1 for chargelot/Immortal/Colossus/sentry
2 for HT
3 Blink stalker

4 - nexuses
5 - warpgates
6 - tech production - Cybercore, then robos/stargates
7 - Twilight council
8 - Templar Archives/Robo Bay
9 - Robo Bay
0 - forges

Map locations:

F2: Main Nexus
F3: Choke/proxy pylon
F4: Natural expo
F5: 3rd base

Looks good other then I don't undertand why forge is 0 and twilight is 7.
It's control groups, not build orders :P

2:Gates until warp
2-4: 2nd nexus or Units, mobile (Air or stalkers), zealots, then casters.
5-6: Robo or Stargates
7-9: As needed for multiple casters.
i probably should use control groups more, especially as zerg, but nonetheless I still use them:

1-main army
2-usually unused, and/or used for obs and any scouting worker
3-4-depends on game, usually either tech structures (robo bay) as terran, usually for barracks on 4, and rax on 3 (starport is usually on 2) (zerg uses queens on 4)
5-always main CC building,
6-usually unused (except for upgrade buildings on 6-7)
7-usually unused
8-usually unused
9-usually unused

welp thats my usual set-up, I'm not sure what to use with the other hotkeys, any suggestions?

thats it.
When spawning as Protoss

1 - Main Army
2 - Sentries
3 - Stalkers
4 - AoE, Collosi or HT, in a mixed group of both just HT
5 - Nexii
6 - Robo
7 - Stargate

When spawning as Terran
1 - Main Army
2 - Ghosts
3 - Siege Tanks
4 - Vikings/Ravens
5 - CC's
6 - Barracks
7 - Factory
8 - Starport

When spawning as Zerg
1 - Main army
2 - Infestors
3 - Mutas
4 - Banelings
5 - Hatches
6 - Queens

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