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Thread for Amnesia, part two of fluppuples RP thread. If you are new and want to join go to the thread Amnesia a new RP.
IC: "Hopefully we will get ahold of this artifact. Never seen a planet from space before..."
Slim Controlled Ashley looks down at the planet.
OOC:What kind of planet is it? Have we decided yet?
dude, you know we have to wait till he announces what the planet is like
OOC: I think he's going with multiple climates like earth but mainley types of forests.
KK, sounds cool. Now our ships and what-not will be floating in orbit, and we can establish some temporary bases or something on the planet. A cool change of scene, ship to ship battle and worldships get plain after a while.
like fluppuple's idea and i'm in the jungle biome. also gonna hit the hey so someones update me tomorrows
Z'nas was quiet for the majority of the discussion. He remember that he had a fragmented ihan crystal and peered into it. There was nothing, the memories faded with the cleavage.

Z'nas was dismayed. He looked at Azu and the others, discussing plans. He suddenly asked, "Ymirl and Junge'Myk, this may not be the best time to ask this, but why were the Tal'darim chasing you when we met you? It may help us answer why these prisoners were taken."

OOC: I know, freeze on IC but we aren't advancing the plot too much.
...Is that the first colonist mission planet?
Jake is that from this RP...? You know we are in amnesia, right? 0.0
Also fluppuple, that planet looks cool. Dunno which it is though.
12/05/2011 07:37 PMPosted by Terrorz
Jake is that from this RP...? You know we are in amnesia, right? 0.0

@#$%, sorry. my head is not right. I haven't gotten a lot of sleep in the past few days and I've just watched about 3 and a half hours worth of day[9] playing amnesia. It's pretty scary, but Day[9]'s comments and reactons keep me laughing.
Haha, I get like that when I don't get much sleep.
I act drunk when I get no sleep :3
Fluppuple wins the following:

The RP Dedication Award!

The No Life Award!

The Photoshop Planet Award!
(It's not bad at all. I've taken several photoshop related classes, and {besides the lack of variety} could find nothing wrong with it)
OOC: Here's an IC post, also not advancing the story too much:

Ceneris: I probably should check to see if there are any intact artifacts left on the worldship... *sets the ship to do a passive scan of the worldship as he docks with the carrier* Well this will probably take quite a while to scan the entire worldship...*minimizes scan and tells the ship to finish docking procedures*...I'll check back on this later.

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