Amnesia Part 2

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@Flup, I did, it's ok. But I like the Killzone 2 OST better.
Flup, what was that website you told me about?
OOC: Okay, I've started on Fluppuples map, marking locations and notes the Dominion Troops knew about, but I need somewhere to post the pictures. Can somebody give me some sites?
It has been a day since we've landed on the planet, and we have managed to set up a starport, a place to set up HQ, and a forward outpost. The heat was causing us to go through water rations a little more than we expected, but water pollution here was at a minimal, so even rain water was safe to drink (although it helps to heat it for a minute first). I had sent a squad of 6 reapers for scouting duty to pinpoint the location of the temple, because right now, we have a very general area that was unreliable. I had arranged a time to meet with the mercenaries to see what they needed and wanted to do in a few hours, and I was currently planning where everything would be built at Headquarters.
Razuc held his hand up as they neared the source. "Stay vigilant, who knows what may be attracted to the psi waves." They followed it until they came upon a field of corpses of the indigenous wildlife. The trees were withered and not a sound was heard. "Something has absorbed the essence of the land." remarked Razuc. "Should we still follow this lead Prelate?"

"It is our best chance of finding the others. It can also lead us to danger. Nonetheless, this is our best course of action." They continued to walk and came across an altar. There were abandoned power armor and psi blades littered around.

"Weapons out, now." They slowly approached the altar. "These bear the insignia of the Tal'darim, what happened here?" remarked one of the dark templars. "I do not know, but this is the source and it is probably responsible for what has happened to the Tal'darim and everything near it." said Razuc. They were at the steps of the altar. "Begin investigating this shrine. You there, keep an eye out for anybody." Razuc looked at the altar. "This thing may yield something important."
OOC: Fluppuple, are you going to add some new units to the list? because I need a template for the Reaper scouts I've sent.
Hey, commander, my suites bathroom aint working, I went pee pee on you boots, sorry
It was approaching night time and nothing conclusive was found. "There must be something here, but what?" The sentry tapped Razuc's shoulder. "There is a group approaching south of us in approximately ten minutes." Razuc motioned for his group to cloak and scatter. He held his hand up and closed it into a fist. The group was approaching fast and arrived at the front of the shrine. Razuc let his hand go down to his side.

Azu and his group arrived at the altar. "So much devastation, the air is most heavy here." said Azu. The Khalai Protoss recovered much of their strength by now and began to arm themselves with the abandoned equipment left by the Tal'darim. Azu walked towards Ymirl. "Looks like this is the where the trail ends." He looked at the altar. Something bugged him but there was nothing suspicious. A cry of surprise caused him to quickly turn around. They were surrounded by six Nerazim.

Their leader approached them. Azu and the others readied their weapons. "Relax, if we wanted to kill you, you wouldn't be standing now. So there were other survivors. I am glad to see you are alive. But none of you are from my group." He paused to observe unlikely group. "A terran, five Khalias, and four dark templars are traveling together?" He observed them, noting the dirtiness of them and tired expressions on their faces. "I am very curious to hear your circumstances but I suppose we can talk when we set camp somewhere away from here. This altar may attract unwanted attention. As for my name, I am Prelate Razuc."

In the darkness, the terran had to stay near a protoss to guide him. They found an abandoned cave large enough to fit them all which was close by to a stream. It was not far from the altar. A campfire was set inside. Inside, they sat in a circle around the fire. Razuc spoke, "Now then, tell me your name and your story." It rained lightly outside.

OOC: The walk to the altar takes several hours for both parties so they are exhausted. Finding a place to rest is another hour; thus, it's night. Even for Potestas, exploring a carrier will take a while. As for the reapers scouting, I suppose they have night vision and the wildlife are less active at nighttime.
xiz'zor wandered. he then felt a strange but warming presance in the void. with curiousity he ran with haste towards the energy. it was..... a dark shrine, old and untouched it stood with grace. xiz'zor crept up and touched the metal, the shrine hummed to life shooting a bright laser of green light that could be seen in space then vanished. meanwhile xiz'zor felt millions of memories from dark templars flow through his mind, filling him with knowledge. then he felt it, zeratul!!! this mighty leader stored his knowledge in this shrine! he absorbed it all archive by archive. then it was done. xiz'zor looked around, it had bean only a few seconds. getting to work he took 2 zergling skulls and his warp blade and began repairs on his scythe.
(he has learned cloak, blink, and sacrificed his warp blade for a double edged scythe)
OOC: sorry was away on vacation, can someone post a summary?
I think my post are generally ignored for being so long. What do you guys think?

@darkra and any other lazy people
Azu and the others are traveling to the altar where Potestas (Flup) came to being. At the same time, Razuc (my new guy) is forced to abandon his makeshift base after it is under attack from infested terrans and zergs. It is the same base your guy ran away from. Razuc meets Azu and at the altar and they rest someplace nearby. The terrans and mercenaries have landed on the planet. The infested terrans are planning to descend on the planet.
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In the darkness, the terran had to stay near a protoss to guide him. They found an abandoned cave large enough to fit them all which was close by to a stream. It was not far from the altar. A campfire was set inside. Inside, they sat in a circle around the fire. Razuc spoke, "Now then, tell me your name and your story." It rained lightly outside.

I was in the company of dark templars and was the odd one out. The rest of my companions looked at me, waiting for me to speak. I told them my name and story, how I was sent from the Umojan Protectorate to investigate the activity in the sector with my team until the burst of light resulted in our capture leading to me being the only survivor. I paused. "You can ask the others what happened afterwords. I think your dark templar buddies will fill you in more."
I remember (and read it again) that you once posted that your guy had to choose his words carefully when we met at the prison. Hmm...

Razuc was motionless and silent. He finally spoke. "You may trick the others but you lie terran." Razuc stood up. He blinked behind Garner and activated one of his warp blades perilously close to his neck. "Tell me the truth if you still want your head attached to your body." Azu stood up in protest. "You can't do this, the man has done no wrong!"

"Silence! Our mission can not be compromised. It has been setback far too long. This man is a mercenary for the Dominion. What makes you believe that he won't turncoat?" The dark templar prisoner stood up. "He may be a mercenary but he has saved my life plenty of times when I could not walk. He has guarded the wounded with his life. This man is honorable. If he is a turncoat as you say, why would he do this? I will vouch for him." The Khalai Protoss agreed.

Razuc's blade did not move. "Our mission is paramount and obstacles must be removed." His gaze was unflinching. "But...saving a dark templar is another matter." He deactivated his blade. "And I have seen that you have no desire to fight. Very well, on behalf of the others, I will spare you. If you join our cause, I will see that you get what you desire most. But on the first instance of betrayal, I will cut you down."

He blinked back to his spot. Azu was next and he told him his story and the death of Z'nas. Now it was time for the others. "Ymirl and Junge'myk was it? What were you two doing before Azu and Z'nas rescued you?"
*At the Base*

Infested: "SIR!"
Infested Gen: "What is it?"
Infested: "Our sensor towers detected an object running to the base at extreme speeds! It is most likely one of those Protoss as no Terrans can navigate the forest this quickly!"
Infested Gen: "...Get the Factories to begin mass production of Siege Tanks, and relocate our defenses to the higher ground! Workers! Grab all the minerals you can carry! We need to get ready!"
Infested: "All of this for one protoss?"
General: "You never know with them, one might just spearhead a full assault! We need to be prepared!"

*On the Bridge*

Trevor: "Okay guys, Here goes the airlock!" WHOOOOOSH
*Slim, Ashley, and Zeke walk in*

Zeke: "We need to get to the cockpit."
Ashley: "Yes master, I will take you to the Cockpit."

Ashley begins to lead the way.

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