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Yeah, I sort of feel like the *sea of doom* right now, MARCH!
*cough* so why are we still here?
Ace, please choose a character that Fluppuple has preset.
Terran Dominion.
Terran scouts had detected a Xel' Naga artifact situated on a derelict Xel' Naga World Ship, 12 Battlecruisers have been launched to capture the artifact. You encounter a fleet of infested ships, including a Supercarrier, and 10 Battlecruisers, all bearing the UED symbol. As you prepare yourself for launching to attack the forces on the ground, a blue shockwave appears and you black out, you awaken to find yourself in blackness, none of the electric systems on your cruiser appear to be working. You must find allies, then attempt to power up the ship.
Marine, tough little buggers, these guys carry around a C-14 Gauss rifle, immediately available.
7 health, 5 IQ, 5 mobility, 1 Psionics
Pilot, Armed with only a Kevlar Vest and 10 Shot Pistol, they have the required training to pilot a vehicle, immediately available, vehicles however are not available at the start
3 health, 7 IQ, 7 Mobility, 1 Psionics
Marauder, Armed with dual Punisher Grenade Launchers they can take a fair amount of damage before unleashing a withering barrage of grenades. Requires Armory
9 health, 5 IQ, 3 Mobility, 1 Psionics
Ghost, Armed with a C-10 Canister Rifle, they are expert snipers, capable of taking out a lightly armored foe from half a mile away, up close they can use their keen psionic abilities to turn the tide in their favor Requires Cryo-Cell Room.
3 health, 6 IQ, 6 Mobility, 3 Psionics

Infested Fleet.
The UED fleet under the command of Gerard Dugalle was crushed by a mysterious force, they're signals stopped transmitting, a fleet containing 5 Supercarriers, and nearly 60 Battlecruisers attacked the Koprulu sector, they never even got to a single Terran world, a horde of mysterious creatures came down and annihilated the fleet, 1 Supercarrier was spared only to be turned into a gigantic breeding ground before the helpless crew's eyes, 10 Battlecruisers had a similar fate, now they are under the command of a Cerebrate, assigned to capture a Xel' Naga Crystal. Right as you were approaching a blue shockwave appears and you black out. You awake to find yourself on the Infested Supercarrier, but your fellow infested appear dormant, you must awaken them.
Infested Terran, an infested terran, a tormented soul, each infested terran's consciousness is continuing to fight for control over their body, the Zerg genes give them very rapid regeneration and claws capable of slicing through most personal armor. Available Immediately.
5 Health, 5 IQ, 6 Mobility, 1 Psionics
Infested Marine, mutated into a heavy firepower unit, Infested Marines carry an infested C-14 Gauss rifle, which fires poisonous spines, also a large claw on their left hand can be used as a highly dangerous close-quarters weapon. Available Immediately.
8 Health, 4 IQ, 4 Mobility, 1 Psionics
Infestor, a large sluglike creature, they can move surprisingly quick and can store infested Terrans inside of them for use later, can also cast a web of stringy fungal growth on an enemy immoblizing them as well as dealing heavy damage over time, can shoot acidic spores at single targets to do light damage. Requires infested bridge.
3 Health, 6 IQ, 7 Mobility, 1 Psionics
Neural Spore, a small spore, capable of seeking out and infesting most smaller mechanical units (Siege Tank or lower), Requires Genetics Lab
1 Health, 1 IQ (only one use), 14 Mobility, 1 Psionics.

You were hired to get in, get a Xel' Naga Artifact, Get out, it turned into much more than that, your attack was timed with the Dominion's so you could get in unnoticed, however your Hercules Cruiser Crashed, and you black out, you awaken to find nothing functional, you need to find a way to hail a battlecruiser to help you, or get the object.
Marine, You are a Mercenary Marine, armed with the prototype C-16 Gauss Carbine, you can perform precision shots as well quick bursts of fire into a crowd of enemies. Available Immediately.
7 health, 5 IQ, 5 mobility, 1 Psionics
Devastator, a suit based off of the Firebat suit, it is equipped with Dual Gatling Guns and a heavy over-shoulder AA rocket launcher (6 shots) it can dish out heavy damage, but it cannot take nearly as much as the sturdier the Maurader Suit. Available Immediately.
9 Health, 5 IQ, 4 Mobility, 1 Psionics
Espionage Agent, a minor psionic, is armed with a short-range Electro-Static cannon capable of dealing heavy damage to weak targets quickly, but relies on allies to kill heavier enemies. Requires Cryo-Room.
4 Health, 7 IQ, 5 Mobility, 2 Psionics
Cyborg Pilot, equipped with Cybernetic Implants, you can literally connect to your ship, you can also access mechanical doors and override them, but you lack good anti-personal weaponry, instead you have a long range anti-vehicle 30MM Rifle. Requires Hangar Bay
5 Health, 7 IQ, 5 Mobility, 1 Psionics

Zerg Swarm.
Kerrigan sensed the Dominion was hunting down a Xel' Naga artifact, she sent her best Brood after it, 8 Leviathans carrying nearly a billion Zerg was going to intercept the Fleet, they found a portion of the World Ship floating in space, it was infested, but an attack made by the Tal' Darim Guardians broke it into several pieces, you must rejoin the pieces and then assault the Tal' Darim base.
Zergling, small quick little units, armed with razor sharp claws and powerful hind legs for leaping, you are here to serve the swarm in its conquests, Available Immediately.
5 Health, 3 IQ, 8 Mobility, 1 Psionics.
Hydralisk, a slower moving unit, capable of dishing out volley after volley of poisonous spines, can club nearby enemies to death with spiked arms, Available Immediately.
7 Health, 4 IQ, 5 Mobility, 1 Psionics
Queen, A Powerful and imposing Zerg Unit, can fling high-velocity spines at targets, closer targets are ripped to shreads with razor sharp claws. Requires Lair. Nearby Zerg units regen faster.
9 Health, 4 IQ, 3 Mobility, 1 Psionics
Mutalisk, fast flying high mobility unit, can strike multiple targets with it's deadly glave-wurm. Requires Spire.
4 Health, 3 IQ, 9 Mobility. 1 Psionics

Tal' Darim Protoss.
you are guarding a Xel' Naga artifact, a Dark Templar and Terran Ghost attacked a High Templar at the base of the Artifact's Shrine, suddenly a blast of blue energy knocked you out and now you must power up all your buildings. Then destroy the intruders.

Zealot, training for decades on end for the moment you engage the enemy, you are armed with dual Psi-Blades and a Plasma Shield, Available Immediately.
10 Health, 5 IQ, 5 Mobility, 2 Psionics
Pilot, you are trained in the art of flying fighters, you can pilot a Phoenix into a flock of vikings and emerge unscathed, you can use your ample psionic power to dodge enemy projectiles, has 1 Psi-Blade, Available Immediately. (however ship is not, ships require a starport)
6 Health, 7 IQ, 6 Mobility, 3 Psionics
Dragoon, you've seen combat, and have suffered Terrible Terrible Damage, your tattered body was placed inside a robotic shell, you are armed with a heavy Phase Diruptor, capable of tearing apart weaker enemies quickly. Find Cybernetics Core
16 Health, 2 IQ (you cannot manipulate objects easily), 3 Mobility, 1 Psionics
High Templar, you are a zealot, you have completed your training in the arts of war, you are able to summon a storm of psionic energy so intense it literally rips the soul from the body, you are armed with your own psionic skill typically firing single blasts of energy to attack opponents, Requires Templar Archives.
7 Health, 5 IQ, 4 Mobility, 6 Psionics,

Dark Templar.
You are here to retrieve a Xel' Naga artifact from the Tal' Darim, you and your buddies arrived in 1 Warp Prism with Corsair escorts. Unfortunately, only a few of you could warp in before the prism was annihilated, and then a blast of light occurred and you woke up alone, in the middle of derelict world ship. You must gather allies and attack.

Void Initiate, Almost a Dark Templar, you are armed with a single Void Cannon, capable of shredding a Zergling apart in a single hit. Available Immediately.
8 Health, 6 IQ, 6 Mobility, 2 Psionics
Stalker, you command a robotic shell containing your wounded form, you are armed with Particle Disruptors and can bludgeon smaller enemies with your powerful limbs. Available Immediately.
12 health, 3 IQ, 5 Mobility, 2 Psionics
Corsair Pilot, you command the fastest ship around, capable of destroying large groups of enemies quickly with your neutron flare, for ground targets you can cast disruption web and fire bursts of energy at them, Requires a Nexus.
20 Health, 2 IQ, 10 Mobility, 2 Psionics.
Dark Templar, you are the shadows, you command the darkness, your enemies do not see you coming, then you slice their pathetic beings to pieces with a well placed blow of your powerful warp blade.
6 Health, 6 IQ, 7 Mobility, 4 Psionics

Also, when you make your character use this format:

You ever get that feeling that when you try to give people second chances, they just do things that make you wonder what the world has come to?
Yes, then I kill them.

In a spectacular fashion, of course.

We have ace, the 11 year old who's apparently taking Geometry and can't use proper grammar for his life.

I've asked him to prove something inside the recruitment thread over there (points vaguely) should be entertaining.
Yeah... Looking to be quite the show...

Oh, spoiler for anyone *winks at wfawwer*
I just injected the feminine side of my merged changeling into Jennifer the Medic.

BTW this is for another RP.

IC: Razing the Worldship: Check
Capturing Unknown Artifact: X
Returning ourselves to normal people: X X X X X X X X X X
Becoming Warlords: Check
Gaining Allies: X
Getting Babes: Check
my to do list in game
get owned: check
find myself a partner:X
don't have a next move: check
oh yeah flup does this take place in WoL?
since i'm bored who here likes pie?
Check page 3 for my updated summary of thread 1 and check if all the facts are right. I too like pie, especially apple pie

Funny how the zerg faction has potentially the most units, yet they are almost nonexistent at the moment.
Guys I know you might get frustrated with ace, and others may want to RP but we've burned through four pages. I suggest we wait for fluppuple to finish his work for this RP or w/e. He said he'll be finished or give an update tommorow 4:00 PST.
Bad news people, our man got a temporary ban. Read his blog for info.
Damn, that sucks. Ok, let's try not to post here since he wants to delay the RP till he gets back.
He wants time to stop in this thread? Just for him? Well...

Maybe Jake and I can get something done.
Yeah I guess we could, sadly for me and howsbabybrn we were just about to attack the carrier, which we can't since flup is banned, and I don't think anyone can go to the planet right now... :(
terrorz: i'm there already:)
By the way HowBabys, please do NOT wreck the worldship. I'm planning a major event relating to it.

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