Trials Of Khalas

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Character Profiling yay!

(Also I've decided my text adventure will release new parts every friday, if you haven't read it yet scroll through the first few pages, you will see DoomerX's New Text Adventure (Started!!) somewhere and red it)

Trials of Khalas will detail the grueling life (and trials) of Khalas (my character) and how he came to be one of the only protoss who can control the mystical element of the Protoss. Even thought my knowledge of Starcraft lore is in depth I am not an expert. Feel free to correct me if I make a plot hole. I'm not George Lucas Fekk it!

Anywayz on to the Prologue.

Trials Of Khalas
"How it came to be"

I was an orphan. I never knew my origins, they were shrouded to me. I know not much of them now. Executor Illidor would always change the subject. But from the earliest years I can remember I was trained as a soldier. At a young age I would best veterans who had practiced for centuries. The Executor took pride in me. Then, my first battle. It was against a Terren force. Illidor sent me to lead to assault. It failed horribly. I ran. I was a coward. Illidor was enraged, and I... I was banished.



I wondered the stars for years... finding nothing but void. My recollection of my past fade and as time passed all I knew was wandering. My ship never lost its energy, it ran on the void but time took its toll, even our technology cannot withstand the degradation of time. I had to land it, or die within the cold motionless grip of space. My knowledge was doomed. I knew not how much time had passed, nor my name, nor the outlying sectors. The planet was Shakuras, though I knew not at the time. And I have learned I had spent nearly 3 Terren centuries in the void. I recognized my fellow Protoss, and I must have looked in bad shape. I collapsed and they took me in. I awoke in a room with several of my kind around me. I noticed most of them had Psi blades. They thought I was dangerous. They didn't offer me hospitality, they thought of me as a threat. They begin to probe my mind, searching through my memories, FORCING THEIR WAY into my head! The pain... the pain... I couldn't stand it. In a fit of desperation and rage and threw myself at one of them, I didn't kill him, I grabbed his Psi blade, and cut my tendrils connecting me to the Khala. The pain was searing. It felt as if my body was on fire... "You can no longer seek my memories, brethren, I am no longer of use to you." I told them. Why, why did I tell them that...
Cool story.
awesome continue with it

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