Concern about upgrading an old rig.

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Hey, I'm helping a friend upgrade his rig.
His PSU is 450w 80+ bronze
No idea about the motherboard but here are pictures: (pic of gpu with some space under it) (behind the computer)

I would like to know if the motherboard and the case could hold a gtx 460.
The 450W better be good, with single +12v rail. A 460 system in full load will consume in average, 300W.

That said, a picture of the overall case rather than just the GPU would have been more helpful. Average 460 will have length of roughly 9 in (each card may have varied length).

Also, I hope you are getting 460 for dirt cheap.

Anyway, are you saying that if the psu is good and he has space to fit 9inches long, he's fine?
That 460 is overpriced, considering 560 / Radeon 6870, both of which are superior over 460, costs the same.

Radeon 6870

GeForce 560

The PSU must have 2 6 pin plugs. This might not be true as 450W is a low-capacity power supply.

If his CPU is poor however, new graphics card won't really help all that much.
He has some random i5. Should be okay, I think.
There's a free 6pin plug (the computer is mostly premade and he hasn't touched the psu) and the current gpu uses one. So there shouldn't be a problem in getting a gtx 560, correct? Also the PSU is made by FSP iirc.

Just wondering, would the gpu still work better than his current gpu (recommends 300W) even if the psu doesn't supply enough power?

I think this is it:
It has a 1 6pin and another 6+2pin.

While even GeForce 580 will "run" with 450W power supply, once it starts to flex more power, unexpected stuff will happen IE) system blue-screen, sudden reset, GPU going wonky, etc.

If 560 will run games with zero problem, then it's fine.
Okay, would it he be much better off if I just get him a Radeon HD 6850 ?
According to this website, it outperforms the 6870 and the gtx 560. It's also cheaper.

edit: I also used
With a 6850, it would only total around 420W while as it would total around 450W with a gtx560 or a 6870.

edit2: here's what I'm considering
How is a 6850 outperforming 6870/560? Assuming all stock, that's not possible physically as, at least in comparison to 6870, 6850 has less clock / shader units. Given they are brothers (meaning, core tech and architecture is same), it makes no sense.

It's also good to mention that Radeon cards consume less power than their GeForce competitor; in other words, GeForce draws closer to their "required power supply wattage" than the Radeon does. In our case, it is then a smarter idea to pick up a Radeon.

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