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Can someone guesstimate exactly how well this laptop will handle SC2?


Trying to find the minimum specs to run at high or medium at ~60 FPS consistently, and I'm trying to find laptops that are less than $750 that meet up to that requirement and I found this

soooooo any help will be appreciated ;D
~60 FPS constantly might be bit pushing it for a laptop (namely, when things get really hectic in 4v4), but that laptop will run the game smooth enough with no problem.
60 fps is way more than you can even notice.
12/01/2011 10:07 AMPosted by SKnight
60 fps is way more than you can even notice.

Eyes process images are approximately 30 pictures per second. Having a higher frame rate gives your brain a higher likelyhood that it's processing the most recent image.

Whether or not you can respond that quickly, or that it makes a difference... I don't know.
Or actually, at around 30-60 is sort of what I meant. I know 30 is smooth, I guess I was hoping too much with 60 fps.

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