Why terran didnt QQ about chargelots before?

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11/30/2011 07:36 AMPosted by theFaT
Even if you heard a couple diamond and master Protoss say that doesn't make it the truth, but to say that about every Protoss player is just a big assumption.

I associate with many people from and not from this forum, even masters have biases about balance, unit comps, etc. So you cannot say "a couple" and simply ignore such comments.
11/30/2011 07:36 AMPosted by theFaT
How are shields pwn when you need to upgrade 1 armor and 1 shield to equal 1 armor compared to Terrran or Zerg.

When I say pwn, I mean, Good. As in people commonly refused to get them because of their expensiveness, as if they weren't worth their cost. And they are and were worth their old cost.
Hence PWN - Because protoss Attack and Shields cover more units than ANY other race. All of which can be used in deathballs.
Also, to note shields got Better in Sc2 than in Sc1, and cover +2 units.
Also, to note another thing - Zealots have 100 life 50 shields, marines have 45 life, 1 life armor on a marine is +1 defense over 45 life, 1 shield armor on a zealot is +1 defense on 50 life. Let's not even go into the ratios on Life vs Life Armor.
11/30/2011 07:29 AMPosted by xZJATx
(PS archons were laughed at previous to 1.3.3, which is a staple of the chargelot archon deathball build.)

I still find it laughable for people complaining about a Tier 3 tanking unit that the Archon is.

Who is complaining about the Archon? I said ppl (protoss included) LAUGHED at it previous to its +1 range and +Massive tag. You sir are the troll if you are going to twist logic and words.
cause terran never qq about anything, its just toss and their peers who cry about balance even if they are OP since day 1.
11/30/2011 08:03 AMPosted by theFaT
The problem still is that you need to get 1 armor and 1 shield as Protoss to match 1 armor with Terran or Zerg.

The problem is that toss now has the cheapest upgrades in the game per unit.
Zerg has 5 upgrades costs 2775 to complete all
Toss has 5 upgrades costs 2775 to complete all
Terran has 6 and its costs somewhere near 3200 to complete all

Zerg cannot upgrade building armor - all buildings have 1 base.
Toss can upgrade shields - all buildings have 1 base life armor.
Terran can upgrade buildings with specific upgrade - 1 base armor with +2 upgrade.

Effectively toss is now the cheapest, because 1 upgrade does weapons for 7 units and 1 shield does shield armor for 13 or so units and all buildings (including cannons). And costs no more than ground carapace. While terran literally has 3!!! armor upgrades, AND a separate building upgrade, common... upgrades shouldn't have been tampered with, shield prices Do help the deathball, which also helps tanking capacity of zealots (to be on topic).
11/29/2011 06:51 PMPosted by Prophet
That's exactly the point though! A unit that's good at harass should not be good in a straight up fight unless they're not being hit. Think about the DT or the Muta. Both can do giant damage, given that they're not hit! All three of these units rip apart large ball like armies, and all are squishy. Why is that unfair?

Yeah, I have major gripes with this, too. With proper control, bio or BF hellions counter chargelots just fine. So now they are making hellions have an a-move option b/c it was too hard before? How about they give colossus a temp speed ability (stim) and then Protoss will have something to micro for more damage, huh? It would never happen.

Sometimes playing protoss feels like the tortoise of the tortoise and hare, but with the hare having stim and big guns. Finally you tech to chargelots with enough of an army to not melt on the way to the stimmed bio... and lo and behold it's too hard for Terran to deal with. Whatever. I guess we'll keep making colossus/chargelots and a-moving them in. So much for controlling units.
11/30/2011 06:45 AMPosted by xZJATx
Cause people weren't using large zealot counts, because toss thought they sucked, and toss also thought shields were too expensive, so the decision was meta-game.
I have always used large zealot counts since most of the times I go for HT tech, yet everytime I would get roflstomped by EMPs on zealots and infinite kiting MMM ball, HTs would just cry while they tried to catch up the MMM kiting ball.

Thats why I dont get all this sudden QQ, its a hidden EMP nerf QQ imo.
People QQ now because the metagame shifts. I personally think people should just all switch to random.

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