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Hey, I figured this would be a good place to put this out. I made a blog chronicling my journey from 1v1 noob to 1v1 pro! Please check it out, it'll help a lot:
I would post something like this in the General Discussion. It gets more traffic but also opens you up to trolls.
I myself need to start playing ladder to get ready for HotS. I've learned to change my keyboard setup so I don't have to look as much (sadly, the schools I went to only taught typing for only a few days, so I've a spent a total of a week learning how to type. I can somewhat type, but I have to be looking at the keyboard to do so). Try the Shift-Backspace to inject. What you do is change the base view key to a key that you can press, have a number of queens equal to your hatcheries, hold shift, then inject and hit the key eveytime you do. You could inject hatchies in 5 seconds with it. But learn how to seperate your units, especially in a race with greatly differently speeds. If you have zerglings, go for surronds. Even hellions fall quickly to them if done right. Have complete vision of your base and backways to see drops. And constantly harass, Zerg dominate with map control and more bases. Baneling bust when the enemy doesn't have a lot of bunkers; it's worth it if you can kill depots fast and manage to slip pass bunkers. You're doing it to hurt his eco, not his gaint front door (unless you want to kill it because of a strat to fake an all-in).
Thanks for the help guys, ill definitely move this to general discussion. Also, the tactics stuff helps :D

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