So they tried to make the thor viable tvp..

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12/01/2011 07:14 PMPosted by Khobai
I'm glad Protoss want Terran buffed too.

I want everything thats underused to be buffed. Strike Cannons are certainly underused.

Consequently I want everything thats overused, like Marines, to be heavily nerfed.

What if they put strike cannons on marines and then took away stim?

Would that fit your philosophy?
12/01/2011 07:14 PMPosted by Steric
You left off the splash of Vikings that are needed to shut down Stargate transitions and any attempts at Collosi which are powerful enough to pose a threat even to Mech-based armies. You also need a few Hellions to deal with Chargelots, which are quite effective against pretty much everything you mentioned. But yes, that army composition works quite well, although you're pretty much forced to do a 1-1-1 opening if you want to set up the infrastructure for that composition.

That sounds fair. What is the actual transition out of a standard 1-1-1? Perhaps a possible key to opening mech up in the TvP metagame might lie in altering the 1-1-1 to be a sustainable, mid game entry opener? Instead of striking to kill, perhaps focus on doing some strong damage, set up a contain, then expand and drop infrastructure, then pull back? I think the Thor is a very important aspect of TvP that is barely touched upon, mainly because it's so costly (especially when you consider seperate upgrade costs for mech)

Perhaps a slight cost decrease for Thors is in order (150 Gas, perhaps?)
Related to everyone discussing 250mm Cannons. I believe that the ability is just broken as far as design goes and is best off being scrapped in favor of Thors getting some other upgrade for something like +2 range (I herd u liek Extended Thermal Lances?) or maybe some movement upgrade that brings them up to 2.25 or 2.5 movement speed.

The ability is broken for the following reasons:
It is pretty much designed to kill Immortals, which are supposed to counter Thors. It's pretty much useless against all other units because the only other ground units that are big enough to be worth using 250mm Cannons on are either immune to stun (Ultralisk) or outrange the ability (Collosi).
12/01/2011 07:12 PMPosted by sevencck
I don't think you could buff mech without outright killing TvZ.
12/01/2011 06:51 PMPosted by Spyder
I don't think you could buff mech without outright killing TvZ.
The Aoe of tanks is what kill zerg units, both of my proposals would nerf aoe, tank volleys hit around 8-10 roaches because of the sc2 ai clump design. Decrease in aoe and a damage increase wouldn't break tvz.

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