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i have a small conundrum. I love my friends. they rock. but ever since I got a girlfriend I have started to sit with her friends at her table and chat with her instead. as glad as I am to have her, this is starting to become a (slight) issue. so what is your advice guys? split it in two? two to one? take turns?
Eat with your bros more. You don't have to spend everyday with her, so hang out with your friends half of the time. Switch tables if you have to.
12/02/2011 01:47 PMPosted by Tetrasulfide
but ever since I got a girlfriend

Your doing something right.
lol, that much I know :D
none of you care but I just got back from our first date and she is SO AMAZING ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY.
In this case, go at about 4/her to 1/friends. That way, you won't lose friends, and will still have lots of time to spend with h :) GL

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