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An RP about the daily life of an infestor, starting from the egg. Don't look at me, you fellas can start it off, then i'll provide feedback (Not like the high templar's).

Go For it.
Hmmm okay... :
An infes- well, what will be an infestor when it hatches, it's only part grown, squirms in the cocoon. He/She was once a larva, but the swarms forces required more infestors. Its growing cocoon was near a large hive that was working to produce larvae and creep. Several more cocoons of infestors surrounded him/her, he/she could often hear the drones hurrying to the hive to deliver minerals and gas. A mean looking queen guarded the cocoons, ready to take on anything from a pack of angry zealots to a squad of stim-happy marines.
: That good?
The cocoon swells as the Infestor grows. The Parasite in it's back fully mature, the cocoon bursts open, revealing the newborn Infestors. They scurry off, but one stays behind. You see, this was a very special Infestor, one of the first ones with a Birth Defect. He was not controlled by the Overmind, Kerrigan, or anything else. I begins to investigate the Hive cluster, disrupting the Drone's movement. The Queen takes notice, and slaps the Infestor.

"Why do you not lisssten!? Go kill the Terransss!" She says.

"Why do I have to kill? Why can't we be friends with them?" The Infestor says.

"Fool! If you want to be their friendsss, go to them and asssk politely!" She points and you march off in that direction.
About halfway along the walk to the base, the infestor runs into a scv pilot staring at his wrecked SCV.
He notices the infestor and cowers, the cigarette he was smoking drops out of his mouth and onto the ground. "P-P-PUH-PPLEASSE DONT HURT ME!" He holds his arms covering his head, as if he were about to be striked. The infestor cocked it's head. "I don't want to hurt you, mister.. im freindly." The terran stares at him. "Oh, oh, thats cool... uhm.. still a little scar-*Infestor interrupts him* Could I have some food? Im hungry." SCV: "Oh yeah sure.. afterwards im going to go to the terran base.. *tosses him a sandwich which he quickly devours.*" "Thanks mr, ill follow you. I don't think the hive is very freindly to terrans, so I might stay away from them for a while... but then again I could get lonely. *Shrugs*" The scv pilot and the infestor walk togother to the base.
A large building looms over a hill the SCV and the Infestor walk to. As they approach, several Marines surround both of them, their guns raised.

"Wait! No, no, no, no! This Infestor is friendly!" The pilot says.

"Well I ain't gun' trust no Zerg!" a marine replies.

"What did I ever do to you?" The Infestor asks, followed by a snort from a Marine.

"Zerg killed my Father."
"My cousin."
"My Uncle."
"My Grandfather."
"My Son."

The Infestor stares at them, questioningly.
"B-but, I'm different..."

Everyone turns as a Terran in a very fancy suit, decorated with many medals, steps out.

"Now, if you are so different, then why are you here?"

"I was thrown out of the Hive cluster by the Queen..."

His eyes widen.
"So you know where it is?"

"...Yes... Why? Don't you?"

"NO! We've been trying to find it for months! If we don't destroy it then we will be overrun!"
Cheers erupt from the Marines.

"Also, will you be willing to lead us there, Zerg?" He asks, still suspicious.

"Um. I, have no idea, it goes against almost everything I am... It's... Mutiny..."
The entire time until that moment, the Infestor was still loyal to the Zerg, he never took any actions that would harm any fellow Zerg.
He looks down, and when he looked up, determination shone in his eyes.
"I can't go back, ever. It would be best if it was annihilated. I'll lead the way. Begin Viking production as soon as Possible, general. The hive will be distraught if the Overlords are killed."

The Infestor walks into the Barracks, and as he comes out, a WWII style military cap on his head, Terrans are rushing around to gather the necessary materials for the Assault.

The Infestor walks into the Command Center, and begins planning the attack with the Generals (Who feel somewhat awkward with a bulging Zerg in there with them...).

"Alright Men, here's the Plan..."
The infestor starts to choke. "BLURGHHH BLURGHH..." Generals: :"What in the hell!?!?"
The infestor pukes up a infested terran who looks at himself, covered in slime, a look of disgust on his face. A general pulls out a pistol and aims it at his face. Infested Terran: "WOAH WOAH, DON'T SHOOT, IM NOT EVIL! My name is Karl, with a K instead of a C. I remember being in a dominion squadron, and then being infested, but lucky for me I got my will back... will you spare me?" General: "Not going to happen, time for you to go to sleep. Forever." The infestor jumps in front of the generals pistol. "NO! He's not the enemy! Ill keep him close by, I won't let him cause mischief to you." General: "Alright.. leave us alone. We need to plan."
Infested Terran: "Thank you freind, I am forever in your debt."
*Infestor has gained a companion. Companions will serve and protect the infestor to death, and also provide company, but they are hard to aquire.*
he just spawned a infested marine you call that hard
Uh no, he barfed it up.
he still created it
No, infestors swallow infested marines and regurgitate them on the battle field, they don't create them.. 0.0
I didn't hear anything about him swallowing some thing
Didn't have to, I left that out. He could've swallowed a infested marine back at the hive, or infested a marine there. Nobody will ever know.... :P
How about infestors grow around the marine in the egg, consume them as they grow, and then can regurgitate and replicate them. And what is exactly wrong with the infestor? Maybe his neural parasite attached to himself during his incubating period?

Karl: Will I die like all the other marines?
Infestor: No, I will be sure to keep a psionic link with you. I won't be able to produce other infested terrans, but it will all be worth having saved a life from perishing, forever doomed to be in the swarm.
General Cymonieus: Well it is quite a heartwarming experience to see you two unite, but the zerg are pressuring our outposts. Is there any way we can stop them?
Infestor: A simple hit and run tactic will not succeed. Like before, I told you vikings may be the best solution to our problem. Is the squad ready?
"intercom activates*
This is Victor "Lightning" Rod reporting. We have a visual on a few overseers observing what appears to be some sort of egg patch. Permission to proceed requested.
General Cymonieus: Engage.
Victor: Alright. Hit em boys! Haha, we got em on the run. Wait a minute... that egg patch...
Infestor: Wait a moment, I haven't given you all information yet. Our local queen had spread out a few clusters of eggs that were to be supervised by Overseers. The overseers were not guards, they were to be consumed by whatever it is she was mutating. I don't know how dangerous these creatures are...
General Cymonieus: What in all hellse is going on?
Victor: Some Viper-like creature is emerging from the eggs. One of em already pinned me down with some nasty looking eye parasite. We were all blinded by a bunch of clouds that rolled in. Kinda like the old defiler's dark swarm. Im watching as these crazy things are eating the rest of Storm squad. I can feel it now as that parasite is squirmin around... Were not gonna make it back. Vikings are a bad idea. Farewell commander. Good Lu- Assimilation Successful.
Adjutant:Transmission corrupted. Zerg infestation detected from source of transmission.
Cymonieus: It is unfortunate they will die.... Destruct the generators that are intact. If the zerg get a hold of them, we may have hell on our hands.
Infestor: What?! Not even the zerg are so heartless as to kill their own species to prevent the enemy from getting a few minor weapons.
Cymonieus: You don't get it don't you. Vile Beast! You know damn well that those vikings will enable the zerg to produce resilient broodlings. If the genome manages to get to the brood lords, it shall be the death of us. NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF MY-
Adjutant: General Cymonieus, a message awaits.
Cymonieus: Play it.
Victor: Hello again commander.
Cymonieus: For the love of our emperor, what happened?
Victor: We are one, one mind, one being, one soul, with many bodies directed to one goal. Join us. You have no choice.
Adjutant: Transmission ended. Seismic activity detected. Nydus worms inbound.
Captain Don: General we need your assistance! There are worms poppin out everywhere!
Cymonieus: On my way. Although I realize I shall regret this, you Infestor are the commander of Hammer Squad. Destroy the viking remains.
Infestor: Yes sir.

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