Jarge's Adventure

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It was early one morning. A light fog overlooked the small city of Ladegont on Uriel... The marine known as Jarge was always up early, and just around 7:00 A.M. when the guards are called to their posts, Jarge was there at six. He was resting in the bunker, messing with some cards and playing with some bullets. He heard light footsteps... He lept up from his seat and looked out the window. A large APC guarded by green marines was driving into the perimeter of the city. He picked up his radio and called for reinforcements. "Yes, I repeat, we have unidentified non - Dominion marines guarding a large APC inbound."
Other End: "Roger."
He held onto the mounted machine gun in the bunker waiting to be contacted back or by the unknown green marines. His hand shakily held onto it. The APC neared. One of the Marines guarding the APC held his hand. The others stopped and so did the APC. The marines got in Ranks and started to march into the city. Jarge put his finger on the trigger, holding it lightly preparing to fire.
The APC's back opens and lets out a tall rather fine dressed man. He steps infront of the ranks and promptly states through a megaphone. "We are commendering this base for use of the Green nation. All guards stand down or be destroyed."
Green nation... Jarge thinks to himself.
You choose to open fire. Bullets fly as you are able to knock off three marines in suprise. They open fire. Your friends run in and open fire with you. You hear a loud explosion. Next to you, the bunker full of six marines, blows up, killing all the marines. You look out and see 4 marauders, they must have come from the APC. 2 more APCs come over the hill loaded to the brim with marines, and you're being overrun.
Your bunker explodes, you being the only survivor. A green marine walks up too you and knocks you out.
You wake up, inside a APC with 8 guards. From the barred city you see all the civilians being lined up and stuff being spray painted green. They took the city, and you.

So, you have 5 choices.

A. Sit back. You can't win.
B. Try to trick one of the guards and steal his weapon.
C. Go Rambo and try to punch out the 6 guards and driver.
D. Call for backup with the secret Comms installed in your ear.
E. Try to break open the windows.
A, green nation is a boring title, to hell with them!
I choose


Get the hell out.

You never know if they have Vasily Grigoryevich Zaytsev with them.
___________________________________________ End of Question 1.
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