Hatching Day, Ace's RP.

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A new rp I am typing for Ace because he requested it, I don't know how to help him since all the other stuff has been junk and maybe if I type one up for him it will work out. Eh, worth a shot I suppose.
Setting is a planet filled with lush forests.
You have three race choices, terran, protoss and zerg.
Terran : You are a part of the dominion military personal, you must either destroy the zerg spawning grounds or evacuate the civillians, your higher ups have currently given you the order to hold all borders while they prepare evacuations- if the strike team is unable to kill the spawning grounds in time.
Protoss: You are protoss sent to purify the planet. However, your commander was in a slight debt to one of the terran generals for saving him a while back. Instead of purifying the planet, you have set up a base in attempt to aid the terrans in destroying the zerg spawning grounds. However, the general who had been so freindly to the protoss is off-planet and the dominion are getting on all of your nerves. Try to maintain an alliance with the terrans and destroy the spawning grounds before a new batch of zerg hatches.
Zerg: You are a small amount of zerg left to defend the spawning grounds long enough for the cocoons to hatch. Kill any terran and protoss you see, and bring glory to the swarm!
( I did not make this, don't know if i'll be rping in it, this RP is for Ace to attempt to make a ok rp without it failing.)
Please join in this format:
Ace........No one wants to RP in this.....You don't have people do it for you, and spamming RPs isn't going to help...........Just join an RP and learn how the professionals do it......
Typing includes fixing the grammar, spelling, and other mistakes you would have made if you had typed this yourself. You make it sound as if Terrorz did something easy that you could have done, and yet there is proof that you cannot do it. Sorry Ace. Using forums takes typing, grammatical, and writing skills. I don't want to sound mean or bossy, but see if you can practice your typing at school or on your computer. Try making up stories by yourself, and when you find that you can control several interesting characters at once, then start trying to DM. I myself just started RolePlaying, but after about 12 years of reading top-notch books, I have picked up on a few things. Knowing how to create interesting and unique characters is the author's greatest ability.

He made a great character because he knows what he's doing. My RP wouldn't have gotten this far if I didn't did an RP first. Other great RPers like Zanon, wfawwer, Thundercrash, etc. are great because they RPed first. Moral of the story: RP first before making an RP attempt.
Ace their right I have been in several and still can't think of an idea for an RP.

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