How to I play StarCraft 2 offline?

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How to I play StarCraft 2 offline?

When I start StarCraft 2 offline (my network connection disabled), it prompts me for my account name. After entering my account name, I select play offline. It then tells me that offline play authorization is required.

When I'm online, I can login to with no problem and play. I searched around and couldn't find anything within the game to authorize my game client.

Edit: I can login and play online. Afterward it still doesn't let me play offline.

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Is there really no answer currently out there? I'll entertain wild thoughts
Im about to head out to sea for along time and need this fix before i lose internet.
You generally stay on until you get all of the files you need for offline play. As a rule of thumb, if Guest mode works on your computer, you should be able to do offline play.
I picked up SC2 after 1.02 was released. I put it online, installed the patches attached this account with my wow account. Made a charecter and played a few games. Once I disconnected I tried out the offline mode to see if it worked. It did. Took the laptop to the ship and played a few more games. everything is great even runs on umtra settings. next day was failure.
What files would I be missing? I think none. Obviously this is an issue that ALOT of people are having and are having it the same way I am. If there is currently no solution then please state so. If one is in the works again, please state so. If I am required to have a persistant internet connection even though the box does not say that and the offline mode is missleading the please tell me how I can return the game and get my money back.
Since you can't get achievements when you play in offline mode, selecting 'Guest' will let you play the game offline with the same features.

I would suggest you use this while you're on the boat.
I have tried guest and I get the same messege. When I was online I made sure that I set it up to play offline from the website and then logged out.
I've gotten offline mode to work but after like 2 days it stops working again. Is this new patch going to fix the issue.
im having the exact same problem, anyone have any ideas? ive been playing ALOT online so i dont think its a question of the amount of time online
Well I've ended up just tethering my iPhone to my lap top just for the connection to the web and then just played single player so no data gets used. But this is really retarded that I need a Internet connection to play offline......
I know this is an old thread, but I read it and needed to post this:

Scroll to the picture of the box and read the enlarged part in the bottom right corner, and lo and behold the "Internet Connection Required" is there... >_<

Just letting anyone who is redirected here know it IS on the box, but the silly small print, geez... T_T...
I stayed online and waited for all files to download... then tried to guest mode and it worked for me as the blue post suggested.
we seriously need a offline option, i never use internet on my comp and when i hook up the internet i have to wait hours for these stupid downloads...

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