Would like some help. . .

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Just need to get better, thought I was a decent player, until a buddy of mine who never played SC started using Terran and is now gold league, meanwhile I'm bronze (got cheesed a few matches except for my 1st one where I didn't pay attention to my scout, learned from that mistake). Just would like some help in order to increase my ability. Character code is 359. I appreciate anyone's time!
There are a lot of posts with people explicitly offering help, including a lot of Platinum ranked players. They'll review your replays, spar a bit. Look around.
Im down. Code: 508

bump if it helps
thanks to everyone who replied, I've been reading strategies more and more, watching different videos and such.

As far as uploading replays, how would I do that? Don't know if you can transfer replay files through the forums or not, but if someone tells me where I can upload them, then I will!

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