How do I counter cloak-banshee rush?

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Ive encountered this strat in almost all of my terran games. Basically, I try to go quick hydras and then an overseer but this has not worked for me at all because I just sit at my base while my terran opponent expands like crazy. Even when I attack his main he has bunkers and siege tanks that make it virtually impossible to penetrate. After the rush, the terrans then go mass air while I have to baby sit my hatcheries or else 4 banshees can take it out in 5 hits.

Since the terran also rushes air I find it very hard to scout their base because of vikings and ramp block. I also try to harrass their expansions with lings but they just lift up their command centers and wait! I cant even get my hydras to help because they are too busy babysitting my hatcheries.

I would also like to mention that hydras and overseers are very gas heavy I cant get mutas fast enough to do any help.
Welcome to Starcraft. Terran do shenanigans, Zerg scramble to react.
I think if it's a "rush", it won't be a large amount of Banshee's. A Spore crawler could be enough to sight them while an extra Queen can help fight them off. Hydras work well but you have to try and push forward and you'll need forward Overseers for that. Mutas might be a better choice when trying to fight this off since Banshee's are only Air to ground. Plus they are at the same tech level, just more gas intensive.

Watch the replays where this strat really dominates you. He might just have a smoother build order and techs faster than you. Perhaps there is a way you could improve your tech speed, or find a weakness in his build early game where you can push him while he's weak. You really have to scout him early to make sure. If you send out a scout around 7-8 supply his wall shouldn't be up yet. Your drone should be able to stay alive long enough to at least see if he's getting early gas. That way you know if he's going for a tech strat or early aggression.

EDIT: Why would a Diamond player ask a question like this...and why is a Bronze player giving him advice :D
Infestors wreck banshees, cloaked or not. They uncloak the banshees and u can either spam infested marines or get some AA over to them. Spores by your min line are quicker, but if you scout more and more air units, get infestors to counter.
Get 2 queens, hydras, or mutas with an overseer. If you don't have those, then run your drones until you do.

edit: I didn't know fungal growth reveals invisible units. That's awesome.

edit: I didn't know fungal growth reveals invisible units. That's awesome.

Heck, me either. Learn something new all the time. I just never tried, I assumed you couldn't.
scout to see if they are making starports with tech labs...if yes, make an overseer NAO

Hydralisks also completely wreck these things, yes they can get hit while mutas cannot, but it doesn't really matter, they absolutely punish banshees
hydras are good quick aa. the spire takes a long ass time to build, plus hydras cost less and build quicker.

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