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So i just won a Zvt match where i used a different kind of fun strat. I went 7-8 Queens and speedlings and dropped em on the terrans base and completely anihilated his base and left it filled with creep because of the tumors.
I feel i still need to try it more often to see how it works but on this specific matchup it worked perfectly, queens healing each other destroyed his MM and helion force and he totally didnt c that comming.
Posting this here to get feedback from better players and to know if someone else has tried this and what where the results.
its interesting.. trying to envision the build.
Seems like another all-in attack type.
If he got mass infantry, than it would be epic.

But I would be scared he would go siege tech.

Though it's still a really interesting strat. Even if he does, they would be at the front. Drop in the back, and you have maybe 10-15s. Use that time to plant a creep tumor and try to take down his cc. Do that, and he can't rebuild there (creep) and can't kill your creep tumors (no scan/hopefully no raven yet).

Imagining this in my head...it sounds amazing...all those transfusions...spread the creep...worker harass....amazing...
yea, and its also alot of fun xD watching a terran go wtf my base has creep, and all those queens have so much hp and can heal alot, have AA atack its a pretty cool strat imo, still have to try it more to c when its a bad idea to do it.

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