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Alright, Since it is oddly Difficult to get the spec's for building from the sites, I wanted to share this with all of you.

I want to see what the comparison is on how many buildings Zerg have to build in order to build units vs how many Terran or Protoss have to build to get where they are going. The best Way I would like to do this is to see how many units a building "unlocks" and try to list them.

200:0 Spawning pool: 2 (zergling, queen)
Hydralisk Den: 1
Baneling den: 1
Roach Den:1
Infestor pit:1
Spire: 2 (muta, corruptor)
Ultralisk Den: 1
Greater spire: 1 Brood lord
150:100 Lair: 1 (overseer)
Hive: 0 (but it does give some of the buildings)

Buildings:combat units (must be able to deal damage somehow, not even direct)

150:0 Barracks: 1 (marine)
50:50 Tech lab: 2 (Maruader, Reaper) (technically ghost also requires this)
150:50 Ghost academy: 1
150:100 Factory: 1 (Helion)
Tech Lab: 1 (Tank) (also required for Thor)
Armory: 1 (Thor)
Starport: 2 (Viking, Medivac)
Tech lab: 2 (Raven, Banshee) (also required for BC's)
Fusion reactor: 1 Battle Crusier

Buildings: combat units

Gateway: 1 (zealot)
Cybernetics core: 2 (stalker, Sentry)
Robotics Facility: 3 (observer, Immortal, Warp Prism)
Robotics Bay: 1 Colossus
Stargate: 2 (pheonix, Voidray)
Templar Archives: 1.5 either this or dark shrine can give archons
Dark Shrine: 1.5
Fleet Beacon: 2 Carrier, mothership

Buildings: combat units

My next question is do the costs of these buildings come even close to even?
Reply with building costs if you want to, will update post.

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