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Here's a build that's worked quite well for me. I call it, affectionately, the Luck Rush. It's effectively an 8 pool build but it works a little differently...

-Start! Order your 6 drones to mine from the nearest mineral fields to your hatchery.

-Build one drone and rally it to your opponents ramp.

-Build another drone once your first drone is about 1/2 of the way to your opponents base.

-Use one of your original 6 drones (the one mining furthest away) to create a spawning pool as soon as you hit 200 minerals.

-Build another drone and rally it to your opponents ramp as soon as you get another 50 minerals.

-Wait until the spawning pool finishes, then build zerglings and overlords as needed. Make sure to rally them to where the action is!

Your goal is to delay their barracks until your zerglings have arrived and prevent the terran player from walling off at his ramp. Your drones that you rallied at the beginning will need to damage the SCVs while they're building, avoid direct combat, and stand in the way of where your opponent wants to build. Once your first wave of zerglings (4) have arrived, your object is control. Your opponent is going to have a lot of unspent minerals, so don't just charge straight into their mineral line. Pick off SCVs as you are able, protect that ramp and don't let him construct any more barracks. Wait until you have enough reinforcements and then thrash his SCVs and whatever uncompleted buildings he has. At this point, your opponent will either surrender or lift off. If he does lift off, just follow his buildings around while you tech up to mutalisks and watch the expansion areas carefully.
This sounds like a cool build im going to try it!
So its basically a 6 pool. Not to be a downer but you will not get better using this strat even if it wins you some games.
i have a better all in strat but it will only work if yo uscout and can stall that barracks or make him spawn it elsewhere (or in this case he proxies with you crippling his wall as he tries to tech up and my drone is in the way)
So its basically a 6 pool. Not to be a downer but you will not get better using this strat even if it wins you some games.

I only use it against Terran, and it nets me a win about half the time. I've never beaten a good Terran player who got their wall up with any other build, and believe me I've practiced.

Generally, if I do my usual 14pool fast expand "take over the map" mindset, it just becomes a turtlefest until my opponent gets enough thors and siege tanks to kill through my army and into my main.

Seriously? Long range AoE anti-ground and anti-air on the same race? Against a race whose distinguishing characteristic is LOTS of units in tight groups. And please spare me any tips you might have against Thors/tanks because I feel like I've tried everything, including ultras, banelings, infestors, cracklings, burrow roaches, and brood lords with frickin' laser beams on their heads.
Asian pros have been blocking buildings with drones since SC1
Play some Korean pop music while you do it and you'll somehow tech to mutalisks, have 6 expansions, and write your name in creep tumors into his mineral line - all before the 5 minute mark.
I have no problem with terran late game really. Dont be in a "I'm going this build" mindset, just react to what he is doing. If he's got a ton of tanks/thors then just make a million zerglings and swarm them. Brood lords are great if you can tech up to that.

Also, ultralisk/ling will demolish most everything a terran player will put out except for a massive amount of tanks I guess.

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