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Or, you could just get a mac, and not have to deal with any of this.
I think my biggest problem has always been Windows 7 think it's smart and tries to update your drivers for you.

I uninstall current driver, reboot. Windows 7 then says "LOL I KNO THIS CARD, LEMME PUT DRIVERS 4 U". Still haven't figured out a way to disable that.

Went back to Vista. No problem now cuz Vista is old and it can't recognize newer hardware ^_^


Or, you could just get a mac, and not have to deal with any of this.

Don't get a mac. Expensive, trendy, and not very powerful.
Good info for all. Thanks.

Just wanted to add, when debugging ATI issues you do not need CCC to run the video card.

Uninstall all the drivers then just install the plain driver with no extras. The CCC (ATI control panel) has nice features but also is an area of problems.

I purchased an ATI card off new egg, many uses said the card would not work on such and such a motherboard. It was not the card it was the CCC.

Also it is not needed to install the sound drivers that come with some ATI cards. Not needed.

If everything seems to run ok after installing the bare drivers then you can install the ccc or whatever else.

ATI (AMD) has separate drivers on its site.

When ever I do a fresh install I use the bard min drivers to test with, then introduce the adds ons one at a time. Much easier to figure out issues when they arise.

I would like to request on behalf of SEA, that the OP be copied to the SEA board. If the OP is okay with that and can't do it him/her self then I request permission to quote a copy for the SEA board.

What the OP has written is clear, easy to understand and most importantly well thought out and correct.
How would you go about removing dust from the heatsink and other parts on a laptop?
because from my experience laptops have parts that are very hard to get access to when you need to remove dust from the computer's interor.

Allot of people use compressed air.
@dannibusx can you tell me if digital storm is as good as they say it is? also is it against the rules like my friend said it was to uninstall sc2 from one comp and put it on another comp... tell me when you can...
08/17/2010 11:07 AMPosted by DannibusX
Now reinstall the latest WHQL certified drivers, reboot and you should be good to go. I know for a fact that this method cures BSOD with a 5970 on a fresh install of 10.7a drivers and fixed some Crossfire issues I had with this card.
What was your exact problems?

My problem is I can't put a 2nd card into my 2nd PCIE slot, or else it will BSOD on boot.

I had the problem before, and uninstalling and re-installing various version of the drivers did not solve the problem. I eventually re-installed windows and it started working again for awhile.

Now it happened again, and uninstalling the driver (and driver sweepering) and reinstalling simply does not seem to fix the problem.

motherboard manufacturer is saying to RMA motherboard, but how will I know that is even the problem? re-installing windows fixed the problem once before, so how could that mean it's a hardware problem?
10/24/2010 3:22 PMPosted by Macabre
Or, you could just get a mac, and not have to deal with any of this.

Or you could just install Linux on your Windows comp, learn how to do the maintainance yourself and run SC2 under Wine without paying a fortune for a Mac.
this guide saved meeeee yay
I have a custom built pc that runs the game fine when it first starts up, but will crash it if it has gone to sleep before i run it? Does that indicate some problem, and if so how do i fix it?
I did that but it still auto installs, I was adding a sound card (Creative XF-I titanium) and wanted to use updated drivers from the website but as soon as I turned on my pc it will install it regarless what option you have on. I don't have any issues with it so I stopped messing with it.
It has that option but it doesn't work it will still install it, at least for hardware.
Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Device and Printers
right click your device (usually has your PC name) and left click device installation settings.
I am actually quite disappointed in Blizzard regarding SC2. Don't get me wrong, the game is great, but they didn't iron out all the "wrinkles" that were pretty obvious. Pathing, is terrible. One unit PUSHES another unit that is in its way, and if it won't move, the unit just gives up. When a zerg builds a building with a drone that has resources, those resources are not given to the player?! Why is this? It went to a building, and to destroy resources permanently due to someone just building, seems rather strange.

Then, of course, there's joining games on BNet. So I don't want to be randomly teamed with a particular player, maybe because they are repugnant or just suck, so I block them. But you'll still team me up with them. How does that contribute to a good "play experience"? How does that help with preventing harassment and other inappropriate and potentially illegal behaviours? It doesn't help, it makes it worse! Now you say, "well then just play with friends, people you know". Oh, great, so now, because there's an <insert expletive here> on BNet, and Blizzard doesn't want to let me say I don't want to be teamed up with this individual in a game, I don't deserve to use the random player selection? Because I was harassed (or whatever other thing occurred)?

When custom or other games start, what option do you have if you don't want to play the game due to a bad setting or the game host starting w/o enough people? Oh, you can close the program! Blizzard can't let you have a simple "cancel" button or any other settings, say, for your favorite custom game where you will not consent to the starting of the game without a full room.

This may seem somewhat off topic, but the original poster of this thread did start off by stressing the quality of Blizzard's release of SC2, and, frankly, I just don't agree. Don't get me wrong, I like Blizzard, been playing since Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, just very disappointed in the lack of ironing out, what should have been, obvious issues just in the basic programming of the game, not even in the balance.
HP-TouchSmart All-In-One
Desktop with Intel(Rlogo) Core (tmlogo)2
Duo Processor-
IQ840 SKU: 9648271
Windows 7 64 bit operating system

Ill make this as simple as I can...
Whats the best Graphics/video card I can get?

Called best buy and they said I had to get rid of my power supply and by a new one. They said I am running at 230 PSU (hope thats the right term) and for the next minimal graphics upgrade I'd have to get a 300 PSU and suggested PCI Express??? Whats that? totalling at least at $120.00
Not a problem I just dont want to be ripped off, thats why I'm asking my nerd friends, who dnt know as much as you do lol.. And I'm googlin and askin my brother.. who put his computer together with a tower enabling it to run Crysis 2 on maximum graphic options...smooothly.
I've seen and played sc2 on high graphic setting and got hooked. I cant even play on low, online, without it telling me, and everyone else, that I'm slowing the game down. :(
Just got my AA in psychology and my moms helpin me out with paying for this, as an expression of her appreciation.
Looking to build a gaming system for SC2...does anyone know the specs on the machines that were used for the tournament?
08/28/2010 03:17 AMPosted by zergtoss
Wow. I don't understand a word of this

You must be a Hardware enthusiast or a geek to understand this languaje.

I like this post. +1
Ill make this as simple as I can...
Whats the best Graphics/video card I can get?

Called best buy and they said I had to get rid of my power supply and by a new one. They said I am running at 230 PSU

With an 300 watt PSU you can play with a a Radeon HD6470 1GB DDR3. It consumes 30 watts so you shouldnt get any problem if you play at high graphics.

You must have a PCI Express slot in your motherboard. If you dont have PCI express slot perhaps you have AGP slot you can get the HD 4670 or HD3850

Sorry!! You have an All in One computer!!! I think you cant do nothing. same as Laptops and Netbooks: Are bad machines for gaming.
OP completely muffs over the whole part about how to get drivers back on the system. Apparently this program just deletes them?

Provide a free program that does the other 75% of the equation?

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