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Bad news: the 'student list' is now so large it doesn't fit in the post. I wrote all your names down, and I copied the OP to a txt file, but I can't display it.

WHAT THAT MEANS: If you need help, friend the people on this list and look for us in-game. Due to the OMGWTF huge number of students, the burden is on you to find us, until I figure out a workaround.

Consult the list to find an instructor. Reply to thread or message in-game to get added to a list. (teacher's races listed best first)

Also, a thread for the teachers to compare notes: (

Answering questions:

(----) Xancha #357 - have to replace my router :(

(5 pm - 8 pm (roughly) USA Pacific) ReaperSix #387 - terran, bronze and silver league

JayaG #342 - terran build orders, bronze league

(10:30 pm - 2 pm PST) Pricklypants # 432 - terran, gold league, platinum team

(on all the time lol) Infirus #440 - terran, silver league

Sandvich #307 - terran, bronze league 1v1, gold league 2v2

(----) B----- #--- -Removed per request. Best of luck with your new job stuff, thanks for all the help :)

(before 5 pm or after midnight CST) Squee #141 - terran (general)

DavidMancera #391 - using and countering cheese

Darkoth #759 - terran silver league

(4 pm - 11 pm EST) DarkChronos #552 - protoss strategy , macro/micro, unit counters, platinum league

(4 pm - 12 pm EST) roxsalt #413 - random race, platinum league

(9 pm - 2 am EST) PhuckPhace #269 - build orders, teching, rushing, macro, silver 1v1, gold 2v2

(1 pm - 12 am PST) Launch #619 - zerg/terran/protoss platinum team

DTank #521 - terran macro/micro, harass, rushing, counter units, diamond league

(9 pm - 2 am CST, thurs/fri/sat all day) Dontinquire #470 - protoss/zerg/terran advanced, diamond league

Will #285 - terran diamond league, protoss platinum/diamond

CrazyIvan #361 - terran/zerg/protoss basics, terran advanced

OldBoy #344 - terran/zerg/protoss platinum league, 1v1 and 2v2

B------- #--- - No longer has time to teach, thanks for all the help Beam :)

Plochock #832 - terran/zerg macro, build orders, counter units, team strategies, scouting, expansions

Nathyrra #964 , protoss attack/defense, counter units, strategies, diamond league

(weekends after 3, weekdays after 7) ItsEvan #845 - terran diamond league

xKoreaNx #766 - protoss diamond league

Also, here are some helpful links:

TIMESTAMP: as of right now I have added every name up to xKoreaNx (reply #251 page 13)
hi i wouldnt mind some sparing and tips, especially with the zerg, id like to get good with them

my name is Rithgor 832
I'll be back in the game in a few minutes, it may be a 3vAI though, if the guy from the other thread is around.
I could use some pointers as well.

Mirage # 549
It's nice to see fellow terrans helping each other out. We must destroy the Protoss and Zerg together!

lol @ Mengsk propaganda
I wouldn't mind helping out and teaching a bit. I'm not the best but I'm pretty sure I can help a few newbies out with some basic tactics.
Strawberry #158 /thankies [=
Id love some help man! Thanks!

James #1636
Id love to learn from you, as well as help other outs. I know a decent amount about the game.

im actually not too bad at terran, its my favorite race, if anyone needs help, friend me,
Infirus, #440 i could also use some pointers from you as well <3
im not terrible but i could use some fine tuning

HardCoreDawg, #199
im a big noobie and i would love to learn some basics id appreciate it if i got some help on my game. you can friend me at CHEAPSUITS #767
I can answer some questions about Terran builds, though I am a bronze leaguer so I'm not all that good.

JayaG #342

I do have some questions about Macroing multiple bases tho.
Zed #205

I apparently need help with micro and when to tech swap
I don't mind helping out - Gold League winning 50%+ of my matches and I'd like to think I'm improving. I spend a lot of time watching replays and reading things myself. I know opening BO's, pretty decent at beating Zerg consistently, and not too much trouble against mirror TvT matches either. When I lose...I know why.

Bomber - #220
I'm a decent terran, you can sign me up to give some tips out if you want.
Help would be awesome. I'm a pretty new terran player.

Jentwistle #170

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