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I'm a bit stomped as to how to defend my bases properly as Zerg. In SC1, all I needed was 5-6 Sunken Colonies and my base would be fine against CPUs for quite a while. I tried that with Spine Crawlers in SC2, and they all get trampled in a matter of seconds on the first attack. What is the best way to keep my Zerg bases safe without having to sacrifice my attacking units?
I guess this depends on what level of difficulty you're playing on.

Spine crawlers still seem good since the CPU will try to kill them random units.

You can't solely rely on them though because they go down fast. Support your spine crawlers with zerglings, queens, and whatever else you got.
Which computer AI? Medium, Hard, Very Hard?

I haven't beaten 'very hard' yet coz maybe I havent attempted it again since the first day. But on "Hard" mode, I destroy it a lot no matter what race it is. I practice against Hard mode AI to test my build order just to realize that Computer follows a certain routine allowing me to abuse it. I just dont kill the computer AI after he surrenders. I use his base to practice how to use some units I never used yet in my league games... banelings and infestor.

On such games I realized I could mind control an opponent probe or scv to make protoss or terran buildings to produce units and fight for me. It would be awesome when I use it on my league games. And I realized that I need tons of banelings to destroy a Nexus and I wasnt happy to see the results. But anyhow, against computer AI is a nice way to practice my stuff.
I played on normal. I can beat up to Hard AI, but It just seems that Zerg def in SC2 doesn't amount to much compared to the original game. Even the first attack way from a normal AI walks all over my spine crawlers.

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