That first drone scout........

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Hello my fellow lings! This is mostly for bronze players but i hope some high rated players can use this too!

So how much damage can you do with that first scout drone? well what i found out was that if you get chased by a probe or scv and run around a lil and then you A-attack behind the worker that is chasing you, you will do the first attack and kill that worker. I usually keep my drone alive for quite a long time with that extractor trick as well. One game i even killed 4 enemy workers with that one lil drone! (healed up again after each fight of course)

thought i might share this with lowbies like myself!

this is actually viable even higher leagues if you can balance early macro with it. but a smart user won't be so easily fended off like that
Drone rush FTW.
I always try to kill SCVs that are building things but other than that I might kill one or two if they are bad. I usually fall behind in macro if I keep it up for too long for minimal gain.
well ya you need to macro good with that too i usualy have my hatchery keybound to pump whatever i need while doing it
I always do as much damage as possible. Killing probes at the patch closest to the gas so you can quickly morph one and get away, cancel, and get back to it. Killing the barracks buider, ect. A good trick i learned was building the extractor, getting it to 3/4th ish, cancelling, and rebuilding. Do this on and on and on.

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